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Hi! Welcome to el laboratorito de Milla! By the awesome power of SCIENCE, I make potions to help out on our missions!
- Milla's introduction in her Lab

Milla's Laboratory is a location in Freedom Planet 2. As the name implies,it is a Chemistry Lab owned by Milla Basset, and is located in Dragon Valley, theoretically near Lilac's Treehouse. It also serves as Milla's house, likely due to the young Hound's growing independence.


Milla's Laboratory is a white-walled building with a green-tiled roof built under an aging tree. It has a sign with Chinese characters on it, meaning "Alchemy" or "Chemistry"; and also has a beaker and the English word, "Lab". Milla's old playmate, Mr. Stumpy, can even be seen outside next to the door. Their is also a red umbrella sticking out of a hole in the roof, possibly a result of a chemistry experiment gone wrong.


The Laboratory features all of the equipment Milla needs to practice her Alchemy and make useful Potions for her friends to use on their adventures (for the right price).

Potion Shops

Milla can set up Potion Shop in certain HUB Areas. From there, she can make and sell Potions to her friends during their Missions whenever she's away from the Lab.

HUBs with Potion Shops

Lab Interior

Lab Features House Features
  • AC Unit
  • Book Shelf
    • Beakers
    • Books
  • Chalk Board
    • Chemistry Equation
  • Chemistry Set
    • Computer
    • Lab Coat
    • Safety Goggles
  • Exit Sign
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Alchemist Poster
  • Calender
  • Clock (x2)
  • Desk
    • Chair
    • Table Lamp
  • Refrigerator
  • Table
    • Vase
  • Twin-Size Bed


  • The plushies on Milla's bed resembles the 1-Up Sprites of Lilac & Carol from the first Freedom Planet.
  • The Alchemist character on the poster above Milla's bed appears to resemble Edward Elric, the titular protagonist of the Fullmetal Alchemist Series.


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