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"Do you remember what you began? You came to this world uninvited. You breathed in the sound of your screams, and out the flames of war. You watched us burn and buried the ashes, but I am the Final Ember! The world you saved will soon be purified. Just as you wished . . . Magister. And all that will remain . . . are monsters."
- Merga, after being freed from her Crystal Prison

Merga, the Main Antagonist of Freedom Planet 2, is a ruthless Water Dragon from ancient times, who has returned seeking vengeance on the descendants of her enemies who sealed her away a century ago.


Merga is a pure-blooded Water Dragon with light blue skin and magenta eyes. She has fin-like ears, fins on the back of her head and long tail, as well as 3-clawed feet. Merga's outfit is a royal-like battle armor with the color scheme of black, gold and purple.


Powers & Abilities


  • It seems like Merga may be able to control the Bakunawa telepathically, as seen in the Freedom Planet 2 Announcement Trailer. It shows Merga raising her fist up as the Bakunawa rises. Either Merga is using telekinesis to control the Bakunawa, or perhaps she was only putting her fist up for a dramatic effect.
  • It is unknown whether Merga chose to be bioengineered, or was forced to.
  • It is confirmed that Merga does not have any kind of relative connection to Lilac. The only similarity they share is that they're both Water Dragons.
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