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I'm Maria Notte with Tri Kingdom News, Avalice's Number One News Network!
- Maria Notte, introducing herself

Maria Notte is a news anchor for Tri Kingdom News, the top news station for the Three Kingdoms of Avalice [1]. She flies around the Planet, searching for juicy stories to boost her network ratings.


Maria is a reddish-brown fruit bat with blue eyes and a white torso. Like real bats, her arms are covered in membrane, forming her wings and allowing her to fly. Her outfit is a black, sleeveless dress with white pants, sunglasses and a headband with add-ons. Maria's high heel boots have special hooks attached to them. She uses these hooks to hang upside down or to carry her suitcase around while she's flying. She also has a love for berries.



Maria can be first found at The Battlesphere in Shang Mu. When first spoken to, she'll mention how she documented the following stories: "Aliens: The Maniacs Who Blew It Up", which may be loosely based on the conflict with Lord Brevon and the destruction of the Kingdom Stone; and "Magni-fur-cent: The 100 Best Hair Salons for Canines", which may tell of popular salon for Canine Avalicians, such as Milla.

At a later point, Maria will report on a Special News Flash regarding an incident at the Globe Opera, where a performance was likely cancelled for unknown reasons.