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"This is Maria Notte, reporting live! We interrupt this program to bring you a special news flash!"
- Maria reporting live for Tri Kingdom News

Maria Notte is a news anchor for Tri Kingdom News, the top news station for the Three Kingdoms of Avalice [1]. She flies around the Planet, searching for juicy stories to boost her network ratings, which may lead to an encounter with Team Lilac, Captain Kalaw or General Gong, who people believe is the one who defeated Lord Brevon two years earlier.

At a certain point, Maria will report a special news flash regarding an event at the Globe Opera that was cancelled for unclear reasons (possibly due to "plot spoilers").


Maria is a reddish-brown Fruit Bat with blue eyes and a white torso. Like real bats, her arms are covered in membrane, forming her wings and allowing her to fly. Her outfit is a black, sleeveless dress with white pants, sunglasses and a headband with add-ons. Maria's high heel boots have special hooks attached to them. She uses these hooks to hang upside down or to carry her suitcase around while she's flying. She also has a love for berries.




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