The Mantalith is the boss of Relic Maze and the guardian of the Kingdom Stone.

 It is a half-robot, half-mantis creature, despite the fact that it has two legs rather than the six legs of the average mantis. While it might appear huge and bulky, it is incredibly agile and durable, to the point of being able to put itself back together in under 6 seconds. Its weak points are its crystal-like eyes, which are likely it's energy source, and the "wrist-like" front of its arms, held together by red gems of some sort.

Destroying the Mantalith's arms before it finishes its first roar will award the player with the Preemptive Strike I achievement.


  • Normal Mode: Standard attacks that are somewhat threatening.
  • Blade Slash: Diagonal slashes. Keep in mind that it's blades individually flash a couple of moments before attacking with them, giving you some time to react.
  • Dig Slash: Digs blades into the ground, spawning rock projectiles.
  • Berserk: Jump around, slashing randomly and creating large projectiles.
  • Bite: Afte it's arms are broken, the Mantalith tries to bite the player, but can be damaged when trying to bite. When damaged enough, the Mantalith will reconstruct itself.


  • Do what it does.
  • Jump around and slice/kick/shield-burst its arms and then head.
  • It is durable, but its arms can only take one or two complete cyclones by Lilac or three or four Super shield bursts from Milla. Its face isn't as durable as its arms as attacks like Wild Claw and upward attack with Lilac will do massive damage to it.
  • The head is untouchable and invincible until both blade-arms are detached.
  • It can take only so many face breaks. After three it's right eye cracks, after one more hit its other eye cracks, after another it is knocked off the platform which it is standing on and falls into the bottomless pit, exploding.
  • Tip: When the Mantalith comes down from the ceiling, it takes a few seconds to roar. Use this opportunity to Dragon Boost, Wild Kick, or Super Shield Burst its arms before it gets a chance to attack. It will roar everytime you damage its face.


  • Another Mantalith can be seen in the background near the Kingdom Stone, albeit completely destroyed. It is possible Spade had to fight one of these mechanical creatures before stealing the Kingdom Stone.


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