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"Besides, if something else is guarding this thing, I'd hate to be around when it wakes up."
- Spade, wanting to escape with the Kingdom Stone before the Mantalith appears

The Mantalith is a Guardian of the Kingdom Stone Shrine and the End-Boss of Relic Maze in Freedom Planet. It first appears after Spade steals the Stone, and attacks the Player, whether it's Lilac, Carol or Milla.


The Mantalith is a large, Mantis-like robot with a bluish-gray stone body, golden yellow eyes, two scythe arms and two legs (instead of the average six legs).


While it might appear to be huge and bulky, the Mantalith is incredibly agile and durable, to the point of being able to put itself back together in under 6 seconds. It follows the Player around and attacks them with it's blade, even jumping around at some point. The Mantalith's weak points are its crystal-like eyes, which are likely it's energy source, and the "wrist-like" front of its arms, held together by red gems of some sort.


  • Shock Quake: Starting out with this attack, the Mantalith will fall from the ceiling and stomp on the ground so hard, it will create shockwaves on said ground. Afterwards, it will roar and briefly leave itself vulnerable to attack.
  • Blade Slash: At close range, the Mantalith will slash at the Player diagonally with it's scythe arms. Keep in mind that it's blades individually flash a couple of moments before attacking with them, giving you some time to react.
  • Dig Slash: The Mantalith will dig it's scythe arms into the ground, causing small rock projectiles to fly into the air and damage the Player.
  • Berserker: The Mantalith will jump around, slashing randomly and creating large projectiles diagonally.
  • Bite: After both it's arms are broken, the Mantalith's eyes will briefly turn red as it lowerss it's to try and bite the Player, but can be damaged when trying to bite. When it's head takes damage, the Mantalith will jump into the air and reconstruct itself.


Do what the Mantalith does:

  • Jump around and attack the Mantalith's arms and then it's head when it's eyes turn red.
  • The Mantalith is durable, but its arms can only take one or 2 complete Dragon Cyclones from Lilac, a complete Wild Kick from Carol or 3 - 4 Super Shield Bursts from Milla. Its face isn't as durable as its arms, for attacks like Lilac's Dragon Boost, Carol's Wild Claw or Milla's Super Shield Burst will do massive damage.
  • The Mantalith's head is untouchable and invincible until both scythe arms are detached.
  • The Mantalith's face can take only so many hits. After three hits, one of it's eye will crack, and another hit will it's other eye. After hitting the Mantalith's head when both eyes are cracked, it will get knocked off the platform and falls into the bottomless pit, exploding.
  • TIP: When the Mantalith comes down from the ceiling, it takes a few seconds to roar. Use this opportunity to attack its arms before it gets a chance to attack. It will jump and roar every time its face takes damage.


Badge Details
Preemptive Strike I

The Player can earn this Badge if they can destroy both of the Mantalith's Arms before it finishes its first roar.


  • Remains of another Mantalith can be seen in the background near the Kingdom Stone, albeit completely destroyed. It is possible that there was more than one Mantalith, and Spade had to fight and defeat one of them before stealing the Kingdom Stone.