Mahjong is an unlockable minigame in "Freedom Planet". It is currently unknown if this minigame will return for "Freedom Planet 2".

Mahjong can be unlocked by clearing all stages of the Shang Mu Academy with any one character. A new option will then be added in the Time attack menu.

How to Play

Match Tiles to remove them from the board. A Tile is "OPEN" when there is an empty space to the left or the right of it. Open Tiles will ankle when you pass over them. When all Tiles are cleared, you win!

If you get stuck and have no more matching Tiles, select "STOP" at the top of the screen to collect your Crystals.

Tile Types

There are 6 types of Tiles, each representing an Element:

  • Tao Tile: A Tile with the Tao Symbol
  • Water Tile: A Tile with a Water Droplet
  • Wood Tile: A Tile with a Rose
  • Fire Tile: A Tile with an Ember
  • Earth Tile: A Tile with a Crystal
  • Metal Tile: A Tile with a Lightning Bolt

Music Player

The Music Player at the top of the screen can be turned off and on, so the Player can choose to listen or not listen to the "Mahjong Theme" during gameplay.


  • Mahjong was first developed in China during the "Qing Dynasty" and has spread throughout the world during the 20th Century.



Freedom Planet Mahjong

Freedom Planet Mahjong

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