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Well then. . . if death is what you seek, then I shall gladly provide it!
- The King of Shuigang, before attacking Brevon with his Axe

The unnamed King of Shuigang was the ruler of said Kingdom and the father of Dail & Spade.


The King of Shuigang was a panda with white fur, light brown hair and green eyes. He wore traditional royal attire in the Kingdom's national colors: green and yellow.


Not much is known about the King of Shuigang. He was confident in his Palace's defenses from the outer wall and was surprised when Brevon managed to invade his palace from breaking through the floor via the Absolution. Despite his courage he showed against Brevon's forces, the King immediately gave in to fear when he noticed Dail being held hostage by Shade Elites.


Before his death, the King of Shuigang was shown to be proficient with a large Battle-Axe, able to wield it without difficulty, showing that he was strong at using such weaponry.



Dail is the King's oldest Son and Heir to the Throne of Shuigang. Little is known about their relationship, but is very likely that he love his Son very much, as shown when he saw him being held captive by Brevon's forces.


Spade is the King's youngest Son from another marriage, but details of their relationship remains unknown. Despite the little to no details, Spade had shown fierce determination to avenge his Father's death.