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Keystones are small Energy Spheres that exist in all five Elements. Collecting them adds a bit more energy to the Player's Energy Meter. They count as 1 Crystal Shard each and are used for rolling the Dice in the Bonus Stage. Keystones can be found inside Treasure Chests and dropped by certain Enemies. They can even be obtained from the Slot Machines found in Fortune Night.

Keystone Types

There are 5 types of Keystones:

  • Water Keystone: Blue with a Water Droplet
  • Wood Keystone: Green with a Red Flower
  • Fire Keystone: Red with a Flaming Ember
  • Earth Keystone: Yellow with a Sparkling Crystal
  • Metal Keystone: Gray with a Lightning Bolt

Torque Gameplay

While playing as Torque, Keystones can be used to fill ammunition for his Buster, Bomb and Flyer weapons. Depending on the weapon, each Keystone will fill a different amount of ammo. The correct combination can give a maximum of 4 bullets. In addition, while shooting with the Standard Laser, the Enemies he defeats will drop rainbow colored Keystones with unknown Elements and purposes, each being worth 1 bullet. In the old demos of Freedom Planet, Torque got different types of weapons if he collected a specific Keystone.

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