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You have fought well, citizen. I, Captain Kalaw, Acknowledge your fortitude.
- Captain Kalaw, greeting the Winner of the Battlesphere's Hero Battle Royale

Captain Kalaw is a Rufous Hornbill from the Island Chain, Parusa. Prior to the events of Freedom Planet 2, he traveled to Shang Mu, where he not only became the new champion of the Battlesphere, but also a hero to the people, who call him "Red Wing of Justice" and the "Defender of the Defenseless". Little do the heroes know, he is secretly a spy for Merga's army, though details about his affiliations with the Final Ember are currently vague.


Kalaw is a Rufous Hornbill with bright green eyes and a color scheme of red, black, white, yellow and bright green. His outfit is a cyber battle suit that gives him enhanced speed, strength and flight.



Captain Kalaw is the current champion of the Battlesphere, where he challenges Team Lilac during their adventures in the Battlesphere.

Recently, Kalaw is met by Lilac, who asks for his help in defending the kingdoms. Before he could listen to her offer, he challenges her to a race inside one of the Battlesphere's obstacle courses.


  • Kalaw's name is derived from his species; the Rufous Hornbill, which is called "Kalaw" by locals of the Philippines.