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Very well. I will make time to listen to your intriguing offer. BUT FIRST! This calls for a race!
- Captain Kalaw, challenging Lilac.

Kalaw, who is better known as Captain Kalaw, is a rufous hornbill from the Southern Islands. Prior to the events of Freedom Planet 2, he traveled to Shang Mu, where he not only became the new champion of the Battlesphere, but also a hero to the people, being called the "Red Wing of Justice" and the "Defender of the Defenseless".


Captain Kalaw is the current champion of the Battlesphere. As such, he challenges our heroes during there adventures in the Battlesphere.

Recently, Kalaw is met by Lilac, who asks for his help in defending the Kingdoms. Before he could listen to her offer, he challenges her to a race inside one of the Battlesphere's obstacle courses.





  • His name is derived from his species; the Rufous Hornbill, which is called "kalaw" by locals of the Philippines.
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