Jump Pads are special red coloured pads with the Chinese character for jump "tiao" (跳) on it. They are used by Carol Tea throughout the game and can either be used while riding a motorcycle or just standing on them. By pressing the jump button while standing on the Jump Pad with strobing lights on foot or on a motorcycle, Carol will warp jump to another Jump Pad and so on, covering some good distance and reaching hard-to-reach places. If the player use Jump Pads with strobing lights while playing as Lilac or Milla, two Crystal Shards will appear, and the lights will stop strobing.

In Freedom Planet 2, Jump Pads appear in the form of the Jump Disc, which is used as Carol's new special move. Unlike regular Jump Pads, the Jump Disc can be used any time as long as there's energy in the meter to use it. Jump Pads also appear in Airship Sigwada during the boss fight with Corazon Tea, who uses them against the player.


  • There are similar jump pads that exist within the 3D Sonic series.


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