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Shang Tu is just a few miles east. The river should take us there.
- Lilac, explaining that Jiang River leads to Shang Tu

Jiang River is a cutscene-exclusive area in Freedom Planet. As the name implies, it is a river located in the Valley Region, and leads into the Kingdom of Shang Tu.


Jiang River is similar in appearance to Jade Creek, as it goes through a large bamboo forest in the outskirts of Shang Tu.


Freedom Planet

Sky Battle Aftermath

Team Lilac found their victory over the Sky Battalion cut short as Zao's Airship falls out of the sky, having taken too much damage in the attack. They splash down in Jiang River, and the Airship was still intact enough to stay afloat, resolving Torque's curiosity about why Avalician Airships were boat-shaped. Lilac became frustrated over the fact that Mayor Zao had used them as bait for the recent attack, stating that the leaders of Avalice were too "brain-dead" to pay attention to anything but themselves, and therefore allowed Lord Brevon and his Army to gain the upper hand in stealing the Kingdom Stone. After calming down, she informs Torque that Shang Tu was a few miles east, stating that the river should take them there. As soon as they get there, they would head to the Royal Palace to update General Gong on the situation, hoping the Magister will help them (if he believes them).

Lilac & Milla

As Zao's Airship continues to sail down Jiang River, Lilac goes to to check on Milla, who was at the back of the Airship and draining water out of her large ears. She then recalls overhearing her canine friend making a wish last night, about wanting to see her Parents again. Showing concern, Lilac decides to talk to Milla about her Parents, learning from her that she's been away from them for what feels like a really long time, thus explaining her recent isolation in the woods. Lilac was impressed by Milla's survival skills, stating that she couldn't survive a day without her Treehouse. Seeing that her friend was feeling homesick, Lilac decides to cheer her up, offering to take her on a girls' night out as soon as their mission was complete, and do stuff like try on dresses or "pig out" on a plate of sushi. Milla thought of Lilac's offer as a playdate and asked if Carol could come to, with the Dragon Girl wishing her luck in getting the Wildcat to put a dress on. Milla laugh and accepts Lilac's offer to go on a "playdate", and the two's friendship begins to grow stronger.

Life with the Red Scarves

At the front of Zao's Airship, Torque decides to ask Carol about how she and Lilac first met, stating that a green Wildcat and a purple Water Dragon were an unusual pair. She explains to the Chaser that they were once members of the Red Scarves, an underground street gang that made crazy money from martial arts tournaments. When Torque asked about if they met Spade there, Carol explained that they did, admitting that he was cool at first, until things got weird. The Wildcat then states that he crossed certain lines that she and Lilac wouldn't cross, resulting in their eventual leave from the Red Scarves. Torque then recalls Lilac saying that Spade was Prince Dail's brother and wondered if he was a Prince as well. Carol responded that he could be, but he never talked about it. Afterwards, Lilac & Milla comes to the front of the Airship, catching the site of Shang Tu coming into view.