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Lilac: The sooner you can find Torque, the sooner we can get out of here.
Lilac: The sooner you can find Torque, the sooner we can get out of here.

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Unfortunately, Zao's airship had suffered too much damage from the battle, and the engine was disabled. It started falling, with everyone screaming.

Lilac: Hang onnn!

The airship lands safely in a river, with Lilac falling off and coming back onto the ship.

Torque: Huh. So that's why your airships are boat-shaped.

Lilac is looking to the hills while next to Torque and Carol, with Milla at the back of the airship again.

Lilac: How could Zao do this?

Torque: He must have thought we were all he needed.

Lilac: We would've been ready if he had told us. No wonder Brevon's gotten away with anything. Our leaders are too brain-dead to pay attention to anything but themselves!

Lilac: -sigh- Nevermind. I'm just... I don't know.

Torque: It's alright.

Torque steps near the front of the ship to look around.

Torque: How far is the closest city?

Lilac: Shang Tu is just a few miles east. The river should take us there.

Torque: We'll give that panda guy an update on our situation. The magister might be able to help.

Lilac: I hope he believes us...

-Lilac and Milla's Scene-

Lilac goes to check on Milla, who is sitting on the back of the ship.

Lilac: Things have been pretty crazy so far, huh?

Milla: Yeah...

Lilac sits down next to Milla.

Lilac: How long have you been away from your parents?

Milla: I'm not sure... it feels like a really long time.

Lilac: And you've been alone in the woods ever since?

Milla: Yeah...

Lilac: I hope this doesn't sound weird, but... that's kind of impressive. I wouldn't survive a day without my treehouse.

Lilac: Hey... when this is all over, how about we have a girls' night out? Just you and me?

Milla: You mean... a playdate?

Lilac: Something like that. We could try out some dresses, or just buy a huge plate of sushi and just pig out!

Milla: What about Carol? Can she come too?

Lilac: Good luck getting her to put a dress on, though.

Milla: -giggles- Well, sure! I'd like that!

Lilac: Great!

-Carol's Scene-


-All Characters' Scenes-

Milla: Look everyone! The city!

Lilac and Milla run up to the front of the ship to where Carol and Torque are standing.

Shang Tu: Ancient Palace

The team arrives in the palace to meet Gong.

Gong: My friends! How did the negotiations fare?

Lilac: Prince Dail took the stone.

Torque: We need to speak to the Magister immediately.

Gong: I see... Very well, then. He deserves to know.

Gong escorts the team to where the Magister is, and everyone bows before him.

Torque: A thousand good greetings to you, Magister.

Everyone stands up.

Magister: It's my understanding that Shuigang is now in possession of the Kingdom Stone.

Torque: Not exactly, Your Greatness. Someone else has it.

Magister: ...Explain.

Torque: It's been taken by a warlord named Brevon. He's been manipulating the three kingdoms into waging war.

Magister: And you have proof of this?

Torque presents a piece of the Robopanther to the Magister.

Torque: This is a fragment of one of Brevon's machines. Have your scientists examine it. You'll find that it's mineral composition doesn't match anything that's built on your world.

The Magister attempts to inspect it, but Neera stops him.

Neera: Wait! Don't touch it.

Neera steps forward.

Neera: This theory you have of a man from another world sounds highly suspicious, at best.

Neera: If you would allow me to explain, Magister, I have a different theory in mind.

Magister: Proceed.

Neera: This is nothing but an attempt from Mayor Zao to cover up the atrocities he committed against our Kingdom Stone.

Neera: He must've offered you a generous reward to come here and make up this ridiculous story. Afterall, you can't resist money, Sash Lilac and Carol Tea.

Lilac: And you know our names because...?

Neera: You were quite the fortune teller yesterday. So I couldn't resist doing a little background check.

Neera: Not only have you two been stealing crystal shards, you've been working with the group that claimed responsibility for the stone's theft... The Red Scarves.

Carol: Hey, look Lilac! It's our identical twin sisters!

Neera: They're criminals and spies, your Excellency.

Neera steps back.

Magister: Is this true?

Carol: We were just-

Lilac: Wait.

Lilac steps forward in front of the Magister.

Lilac: Magister, we're no longer members of the Red Scarves. It was a long time ago. We did what we had to do to survive.

After a delay, the Magister reaches a conclusion.

Magister: Detain them until further notice. Make sure the commander and his "evidence" are properly quarantined.

Neera quickly spawns ice cages that trap the team.

Torque: Heyheyheyhey! Easy!

Lilac: Magister, please! We don't have time for this!

Magister: You're right. Take them away immediately.

Torque: Examine the fragment! Examine it!

The girls are now stuck in a jail cell, with Torque in a separate cell somewhere else. Carol angrily attacks the jail bars.

Carol: That stupid panda girl!

Lilac: Come closer. We can't let the guards hear us.

Lilac: Now let's try and figure this out. We gotta bust out of here, but we can't leave without Torque.

Carol: You got any bright ideas, Ms. Heropants?

Lilac: It's not gonna be easy. He's been quarantined.

Carol: What if we bribed the guards?

Lilac: Uh, Carol, we don't have any of our belongings.

Carol: Ooh, ooh! I'll pretend I have to pee really bad, and then when the guards open the gate we'll make a break for it!

Lilac: I told you, we can't leave without Torque.

Carol: Ah, right...

Milla starts digging a hole in the nearby soil as Carol comes up with another idea.

Carol: Oh, I got it now!

Milla: This way!

Lilac: Huh?

Milla: I can dig through here!

Carol: Well that makes it easy. Let's go!

Lilac: Actually, only one of us should go. We don't want the guards to suspect anything.

Milla: I'll go! for the team!

Lilac: The sooner you can find Torque, the sooner we can get out of here.

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