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The Iron Worm is the Mini-Boss of Aqua Tunnel in Freedom Planet.


The Iron Worm is a large, worm-like robot with a head that resembles a deep-sea diving helmet.


The Iron Worm first burrows out of the ground after Milla enters its territory. It opens its hatch to shoot green slime balls at the young Hound. Milla can damage and defeat it by using a Phantom Cube or a (more recommended) Super Shield Burst. Once done, the Iron Worm will explode, and its head lands onto a switch that opens up a path to the next area.


  • Slime Attack: The Iron Worm's only attack; it will open the hatch on its head and spews out slime balls. Not only can this attack can be blocked by Milla's Shield, it can be countered with a Phantom Cube or Super Shield Burst.