The Hunter Snake (aka Snake Mount) is both the Mid-Boss and Major Boss of Dragon Valley in Freedom Planet.


The Hunter Snake is a giant purple snake-like robot with golden armor along it's back and the top of its head. It also has lots of fangs, unlike real snakes, which only have two or four.

The Hunter Snake appears to be a companion or mount of Serpentine, as in the cinematic after clearing Dragon Valley, when Torque curls into a ball, Serpentine cries, "Where's that blasted snake mount?!" only to find one of it's segments fall to the ground next to him. In the beta/original version of Freedom Planet, there is a small cutscene before Dragon Valley that shows the Hunter Snake rising from behind a hill and Serpentine riding on it's back. It is unknown as to whether the Hunter Snake is a mutant animal or an alien creature brought to Avalice by Lord Brevon.


Mid-Boss Fight

Snake Mount vs. Carol

Carol fighting the Hunter Snake in Dragon Valley

The Hunter Snake will pop out of different holes in the ground and fly around in different, easily-telegraphed patterns. After entering one of the holes, it could pop back out to spit fireballs at Lilac or Carol. To defeat the Hunter Snake, the Player simply needs to destroy the shells protecting the different segments of its body and then attack its head. In the Mid-Boss Fight, the Player only needs to attack it once, which will cause it to flee. Later on, Hunter Snake will hide in waterfalls, occasionally popping out to spit fireballs at the Player.

Major Boss Fight

The Major Boss Fight has the same strategy as with the Mid-Boss battle, except now there are only two holes, boulders falling down from above, and the Hunter Snake can also perform a bouncing/rolling attack before burrowing into one of the holes. The Hunter Snake's head now also needs to be damaged at least three times in order to defeat it for the second and final time, and boulders will fall down from above for each time the Hunter Snake's head is damaged. The boulders can be attacked and destroyed, as they have a chance to drop a Health Petal. After it's head is damaged once, it will have recovered half of its segments when it returns, and after the second time, it will have zero segments left, leaving its head vulnerable to a final attack. Once it's defeated, the Hunter Snake will crash through the ceiling (Lilac) or the right wall (carol), exploding afterwards.

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