Horizon Starport is one of the cut stages of Freedom Planet. It takes place on an unknown planet and was meant to be the first stage for Torque.

Due to the Torque and Spade Expansion/DLC being postponed indefinitely, it was never completed. Only a section of this stage is actually playable.

Being a stage entirely with Torque in mind, it focuses more on his shooting and hover abilities.


Torque is on an unnamed Planet (possibly his home Planet), and is here to chase down and catch up with the villianous being, Lord Brevon, who at this moment, is preparing to escape the planet inside his personal Dreadnought. The chase is on!


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  • Chain Lightning
  • Fleet Missile
  • Roller
  • Spider Beamer


  • It is unknown if the rest of the Chasers are with Torque in this stage. It is also currently unknown how the Stage would have exactly ended. Although Torque is seen piloting his spacecraft in the next Stage, it is unclear if the rest of the chasers were destroyed up to this point.
  • This stage bears a resemblance to the certain Airport stages throughout the Megaman X Series.



FREEDOM PLANET! Torque - Horizon Starport

FREEDOM PLANET! Torque - Horizon Starport


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