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I've had enough of your kung-fu tricks!
- Serpentine, as he boards the Robogunship

The Gunship, piloted by Serpentine, is one of the bosses of Jade Creek in Lilac, Carol, and Milla's stories, with the other being the Absolution in Torque's story.


Despite being one of Lord Brevon's vehicles, the Gunship is heavily based off a V-22 Osprey, an aircraft operated by the United States Military (if not the exact same thing). The only difference is that real-life Ospreys have no offensive capabilities like the Gunship, and the design of the fuselage may be completely different.


  • Troop Deployment: The Gunship will start off by deploying two Shade Elites from the fuselage to attack the Player, then it rises into the air to avoid being attacked.
  • Flare Cannons: After the Player defeats the Shade Elites, the Gunship will descend and starts shooting Flares, which are launched from it's propeller engines. Upon hitting the ground, the Flares will travel along the ground towards the Player. Also, there are meters on the propeller engines that shows when the Gunship is about to fire a Flare.
  • Missile Launchers: The Gunship will fire a barrage of Missiles, which explodes and spread flames upon hitting the ground.

If playing as Carol, the defeated Shade Elites will drop Fuel Tanks, so she can use her Motorcycle to make attacking the Gunship easier.

If playing as Lilac or Carol, Milla will throw a Health Flower at them right before she appears and right before the Gunship deploys the 2nd round of Shade Elites. Afterwards, she will follow the Player around, helping them by using her Reflection Shield to reflect shots from the Shade Elites, while jumping over shots from the Gunship's Flare Cannons.

As the Gunship takes damage, the glass of the cockpit will crack twice before completely breaking. Once the glass is broken, the Gunship will be destroyed by Lilac's Dragon Boost or Carol's Wild Kick (she is also on her Motorcycle). When playing as Milla, the Gunship will appear to have been damaged, as it takes only a few hits before it's finished off by Lilac's Dragon Boost.

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