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The general's been spending more time with the half-breed, lately. I'm kinda jealous.
- Guang, commenting on Gong and Askal

Guang is an NPC set to appear in Freedom Planet 2, and can be found in the game's Adventure Mode. He is a member of the Shang Tu Royal Guard, protecting the Royal Palace and the city against such threats as the remnants of Lord Brevon's army.


Guang is a panda that wears the Royal Guard uniform for Shang Tu, consisting of a silver helmet, black and blue wristbands, silver shoulder pads, black and blue armor with a silver chestplate, and white and blue shoes.


Guang can be found outside the Royal Palace next to a police vehicle. When asked about Askal, Guang will mention how the earth dragon's been spending more time with the General Gong lately, admitting to being slightly jealous as well.