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Don't be ridiculous! Nothing gets past MY nose!
- Gong, right before Zao's forces break into the Ancient Temple

Gong is the General of Shang Tu's Army, nicknamed for his giant shield that he uses in both offense, defense and even as a musical instrument.


Gong is a big, white and black Panda with magenta eyes and a black ponytail.

In Freedom Planet, Gong wears black and gold armor with purple cloth wrapped at the waist, gray gloves, black pants and brown boots.

In Freedom Planet 2, Gong's armor is now black and purple with silver accents, and wears a pair of yellow gauntlets over his hands. He also wears a large purple Obi sash held by a white knot, yellow pants, and black and purple boots.

For both outfits, he wears spiked shoulder pads and carries his iconic shield on his back, with small spikes added on the outer rim for his second design.


Gong's personality is a combination of pride, honor and humor. he is dedicated to protect the people of Shang Tu with his life and will not let anything or anyone stand in his way. When he started to be praised for defeating Lord Brevon, he started to doubt himself because he knows he wasn't the one who defeated the Warlord. However, he is determined to prove himself to be the hero the people believe him to be.



  • Gong's name, of course, is derived from a gong, which his signature shield oddly resembles.