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Freedom Planet 2 - The Sequel to the breakout Indie Games Hit, Freedom Planet, the Kingdom Stone has Broken and now ancient threats awaken, will you stand strong when Bakunawa rises?
- Strife on GalaxyTrail Discord.

Freedom Planet 2 is the upcoming second game of the Freedom Planet series, taking place two years after the events of the previous installment. It was submitted to Steam Greenlight on February 10th, 2017[1] and was greenlit on February 14th, 2017[2]. The game's release date was previously estimated to be in 2018[2] and was later changed to late 2019.[3] Both of these estimates have passed and the Steam store page currently states that the release will be in 2020.[4]

A demo of the game called the "Sample Version" was released on 31st January 2017. The most recent version can be downloaded from Steam or the game's official website.[5]


Join Lilac, Carol & Milla as they team up with their once rival Neera to face their greatest challenge yet.

An ancient terror has emerged from the depths of the ocean. Merga, a Water Dragon from Avalice's oldest and deadliest war, has been freed from her crystal prison as a consequence of the Kingdom Stone's destruction. Through her act of vengeance, she holds a dark and terrible truth about Avalice's leaders that will change the history of the three kingdoms forever.

War is imminent once again, but this time, the heroes are split between sides. As friendships are tested, will the girls stand united when Bakunawa rises?[6]


The gameplay of Freedom Planet 2 remains broadly true to that of its predecessor[6], with the following major changes and new features added:

Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode functions similarly to the previous installment, with the following and updated features included:

HUB Worlds

Hub Worlds, which didn't make into the Game's Predecessor due to time constraints, will be a part of the Game's Adventure Mode. They will be filled with NPCs that the Player can interact with as they progress through the Story. Their will also be a World Map, allowing the Player to move between the HUB Worlds and explore the World of Avalice in style.


Neera dialog test

The Original Concept of Freedom Planet 2's Cutscenes, depicted in a Visual Novel Style.

Adventure Mode will have Cutscenes similar to those from the first Game, in which the Story is told through the use of unique sprite animations and voice acting.

It was originally planned for the Cutscenes to play out in a style similar to a Visual Novel, with only certain Cutscenes featuring sprite animation. However, the Cutscenes have been altered to mirror those of its predecessor, as shown in the Adventure Mode 2019 Trailer.

Classic Mode

Classic Mode is more unique from Adventure Mode this time. Instead of progressing through the Stages in a set order that is varied by the Playable Character, it now features a grid map that allows quick and easy access to any Stage. By completing certain Stages, multiple Stages will be unlocked at once, allowing the Player to play them in any order they want.

Universal Shop

Classic Mode will now feature a Universal Shop, where the Player can buy items before the start of a Stage. Although some items can be found for free in the Stages, the Player is given the option to pay extra for convenience. The Player can buy Power-Ups, Music Vinyls and even Gold Gems.


Guarding is a new gameplay mechanic included in Freedom Planet 2. By tapping a dedicated button, the Player can avoid a certain amount of damage from incoming enemy attacks.[6] The shield will not fully reflect damage from larger or more powerful attacks; however, it will reduce the amount of damage if properly timed. Milla can now spawn her Phantom Cubes by guarding.


Revivals are another new gameplay mechanic included in Freedom Planet 2. When the character has been defeated, the Player can use one of their Stocks to get back up without having to respawn at the last checkpoint passed. This grants a few seconds of invincibility and some Health Petals back if a certain Power-Up is equipped. WARNING: Reviving doesn't work if the character's body has been disintegrated.[6]

Speed Gates

Speed Gates are rainbow-colored rings with a similar appearance to the Time Gates from Pangu Lagoon. When the Player passes through one of these rings, a bonus timer will begin, and the Player will be able to earn Bonus Crystal Shards by leaving behind a trail of Tao marks. Once the timer runs out, all the Tao Marks on the trail will transform into Crystal Shards. The longer the Tao Trail is, the more Shards the Player will earn.


Pause Menu

The Pause Menu has been updated and expanded with the following new features:

  • Guide: This provides the Player with an in-game instruction manual on how to play the game, giving them details on basic controls, revivals, special attacks for each character and collectible items.
  • Photograph Mode: This allows the Player to take photos of the character while the game is paused. They can pose the character on the ground or in midair, making them look adventurous or even comical. The Photos taken will then be placed in the Photo Album.
  • Photo Album: This lets the Player look at all the photos they took in Photograph Mode. It is able to hold up to 50+ photos.



2nd Prototype Screenshot of Avian Museum.

Freedom Planet 2 will have a total of 24 Stages. Unlike those of its predecessor, each Stage is now a single big area instead of being separated in Two Acts. Though every Stage will end in an End-Boss Encounter, some of them will also have a Mid-Boss Encounter.

Main Stages

Hub Areas


Playable Characters

These are the Playable Characters in Freedom Planet 2.

Picture Character
Sash Lilac: the Dragon Girl

The Main Protagonist; a Hybrid Water Dragon Girl and the Leader of Team Lilac.

  • Voice Actor: Dawn M. Bennet
  • Element: Water
  • Class: Speed-Type
  • Petals: 5 - 7
  • Power-Up: Energizer
  • Moveset
    • Dragon Cyclone
    • Hair Whip
    • Dragon Boost
    • Guard + Blink Dash
Carol Tea: the Wildcat

The Deuteragonist; A Tomboy Wildcat, Lilac's Best Friend and Corazon's Sister.

  • Voice Actor: Andi Sani
  • Element: Metal
  • Class: Brawler-Type
  • Petals: 5 - 7
  • Power-Up: Fuel Tank
  • Moveset
    • Pounce
    • Claw Combo
    • Jump Disc
    • Guard
Milla Basset: the Hound

The Tritagonist; An Orphan Hound Puppy with Alchemy Powers.

  • Voice Actor: Aimee Smith
  • Element: Wood
  • Class: Explorer-Type
  • Petals: 4 - 6
  • Power-Up: Multicube
  • Moveset
    • Puppy Float
    • Crane Combo
    • Barrier
    • Guard + Summon Cube
Neera Li: the Frost Knight

A Frost Knight, the Magister's Advisor and Chief of the S.T.P.D.

  • Voice Actor: Ashlyn Selich
  • Element: Earth
  • Class: Power-Type
  • Petals: 5 - 7
  • Power-Up: Speed Skates
  • Moveset
    • Double Jump
    • Cryo Staff
    • Frost Arts
    • Guard + Focus


Returning Characters

These are the Characters who are returning in Freedom Planet 2.

Picture Character
General Gong

The burly Panda General of Shang Tu's Army.

Royal Magister

A wise Earth Dragon and the hereditary Ruler of Shang Tu.

King Dail

The King of Shuigang and Spade's Half-Brother.

Mayor Zao

A mischievous Red Panda and the Mayor of Shang Mu.


A top member of the Red Scarves, Dail's Half-Brother and Lilac & Carol's Rival.

General Serpentine

A Snake with robotic arms and Lord Brevon's former General.


An Ancient Robotic AI created by the Dragons of the Before Time.

Bird Guard/Officer

A Royal Guard of Shang Tu's Royal Palace.

Mr. Stumpy FP2
Mr. Stumpy

An inanimate Tree Stump and Milla's former Playmate.

  • Element: ---

New Characters

These are some of the New Characters who will appear in Freedom Planet 2.

Picture Character

The Main Antagonist; a Bio-Engineered Water Dragon out for revenge.

Sergent Askal

A Hybrid Earth Dragon and a Sergeant in Shang Tu's Army.

Captain Kalaw

The Red Wing of Justice and Champion of the Battlesphere.

Corazon Tea (aka Cory)

The Ace of Flying Aces and Carol's older Sister.


A Tarsier Mechanic obsessed with building Machines.

Princess Cordelia

The Former Princess of Shang Tu from over a Century ago.


The Host of the Battlesphere.

FP2 MariaNotte
Maria Notte

A News Anchor from Tri Kingdom News.[9]

Absent Characters

These Characters are confirmed to not have an appearance in Freedom Planet 2, but might possibly be mentioned or have a cameo.


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