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In Freedom Planet, there are various Items scattered throughout the World of Avalice, and can provide the Player with an advantage depending on the Role of the Item.

Main Items

Image Details
  • Timer is triggered if the Player or an Enemy touches it
  • Can be picked up and thrown by Milla, Exploding on impact
Crystal Cluster.png
Crystal Flower
  • Break open to release 7 Crystal Shards
  • Can be picked and thrown by Milla
Crystal Shard.png
Crystal Shard
  • Collect 200 Shards for an Extra Life
    • On Hard Mode, 300 Shards are required
  • Refills a small amount of the Player's Energy Meter
Lilac Extra Life.gifLife (Carol).pngMilla Extra Life.gif
Torque Extra Life.gifSpade Extra Life.gif
Extra Life (1-Up)
  • Grants 1 Extra Life to the Player
  • Break Cage to release, then catch it before it can escape
  • Can be picked up and thrown by Milla
Fuel Can.png
Fuel Tank
  • Lilac: Cannot use
  • Carol: Obtain / Repair Motorcycle
  • Milla: Can be pick up and thrown; detonates on impact
Elements (Old).png
  • Can be found inside of Treasure Chests
  • Can be dropped by certain Enemies
  • Counts as 1 Crystal Shard each
  • Used as Ammo for Torque's Weapons
  • Enables the Player to Roll the Dice in the Bonus Stage
    • 31+ Keystones are needed to roll more than once
Health Flower.png
Life Flower
  • Break open to release 6 Life Petals
  • Can be picked up and thrown by Milla
Health Petal.png
Life Petal
  • Replenishes 1 Unit of Health on the Player's Life
  • Count as 1 Crystal Shard each if the Player's Life Meter if full
Star Card
  • 100 Collectible Cards in total
  • 10 Cards hidden in every Stage (except Final Dreadnought)
  • Contents are viewable in the Gallery
Tao Stone.png
Tao Stone
  • If found before the end of a Stage, the Player can play the Bonus Stage
    • Only available in Adventure & Classic Modes
Treasure Chest.png
Treasure Chest
  • Break open to release 3 Keystones of one elemental type
    • Element depends on the Color of the crest
  • Can be picked up and thrown thrown by Milla
Wooden Crate
  • Break open to release 12 Crystal Shards
  • Can be picked and thrown by Milla

Shield Crystals

All Shield Crystals can provide the Player with an Elemental Shield with abilities depending on the Element of the equipped Shield, and can be picked up and thrown by Milla. The Elements of the Shield Crystals are based on the Wu Xing, and they're also similar to the Monitors Boxes from the Sonic the Hedgehog Series. Shields dissipate after a set number of hits based on the difficulty level, except for hits that matches the shield's Elemental type. The Beta Designs of the Shield Crystals are shown for comparison.

Beta Image Details
Monitor August 4th Earth.png
Earth Shield.png
Earth Shield Crystal
  • Attracts Crystal Shards
  • Immunity to:
    • Crystal Attacks
Monitor August 4th Fire.png
Fire Shield.png
Fire Shield Crystal
  • Damages Enemies on contact
  • Immunity to:
    • Fire Attacks
    • Fire Hazards
  • Lost when touching Water
Monitor August 4th Metal.png
Metal Shield.png

Metal Shield Crystal

  • Immunity to:
    • Spike Walls
    • Spike Floors
    • Electric Attacks
    • Electric Hazards
Monitor August 4th Water.png
Water Shield.png

Water Shield Crystal

  • Infinite Air Supply while Underwater
  • Immunity to:
    • Bubble Attacks
Monitor August 4th Wood.png
Wood Shield.png

Wood Shield Crystal

  • Attracts Life Petals
  • Spawns 1 Life Petal per 20 Crystal Shards
  • Immunity to:
    • Poison Attacks
Monitor August 4th Invincibility.png

Invinibility Shield Crystal

  • 30 Seconds of Immunity to all Attacks
  • Keeps an equipped Shield active
  • No Immunity from:
    • Drowning
    • Crushing 
    • Bottomless Pits