The instruction manuals for Freedom Planet.

Nintendo Switch

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2. Letter From the Developer
3. About the Game
4. Story So Far...
5. Controls
6. Characters - Sash Lilac
7. Lilac's Moves
8. Characters - Carol Tea
9. Carol's Moves
11. Characters - Milla Basset
12. Milla's Move
13. Game Modes
15. Items
17. Shields
19. Enemies
22. Credits
27. Notes

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Letter From the Developer (see here)

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A crisis has befallen our world. For centuries, we have depended on the Kingdom Stone... but its strength is fading. It cannot keep up with our growing demand for energy. The Prince of Shuigang, poisoned with madness over the death of his Father, has spread machines across the land to steal energy from other Kingdoms. Tensions are growing, and I fear that war may be inevitable.

- The Magister

On the planet of Avalice, Sash Lilac the Dragon and Carol Tea the Wildcat are walking along when they witness a ship from outer space crash into the mountains. They rush to the aid of its pilot only to discover their lives and the world as they know it is about to radically change...

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Voiced by Dawn M. Bennett

The heroine of the story. Lilac is thrown headfirst into the struggle against Lord Brevon when a strange creature falls from the sky asking for her help. Fed up with Brevon's schemes, she eagerly jumps into action! However, she remains oblivious to the dangers she will face along the way, including a few surprises from her past...

Lilac is the main heroine in Freedom Planet. She is very fast and agile, and her attacks are strong. However, she must travel through some of the most challenging obstacles in the game. She has an Energy meter which is displayed at the top-left corner of the screen.

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Voiced by Amanda Lott

An energetic wild-cat with a thirst for adventure. Carol is impulsive and tends to get in trouble, but she's intensely loyal to anyone she considers a friend, including her idol Lilac. With her feline reflexes, Carol can cling to walls and use special jump pads to warp around. Sometimes she'll even drive a small motorcycle to catch up to her friends!

Carol is Lilac's best friend. She can attack very quickly, scale walls and even drive a motorcycle, but she depends on the environment to use some of her abilities. She has an Energy meter which is displayed at the top-left corner of the screen.

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Voiced by Aimee Smith

Milla can track sources of energy with her large ears and keen source of smell. She has many dog-like instincts and will often do things like stick her tounge out, chase shiny objects, and run on all fours. She's bashful, but when she opens up she reveals her down-to-earth nature and colorful imagination.

Milla is a dog-like character with psychic abilities. She has a smaller life bar than the other characters, but she can attack from a distance. Her style is a bit more relaxed and she is ideal for exploring.

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Freedom Planet 2 Coming Soon

The back of the Booklet, previewing Freedom Planet 2.

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