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A crisis has befallen our world. For centuries, we have depended on the Kingdom Stone . . . but its strength is fading. It cannot keep up with our growing demand for energy. The Prince of Shuigang, poisoned with madness over the death of his Father, has spread machines across the land to steal energy from other Kingdoms. Tensions are growing, and I fear that war may be inevitable.
- The Magister, narrating the plot of Freedom Planet

Freedom Planet is a combat-based 2D platformer and the first full-scale game from independent developer GalaxyTrail.


The planet, Avalice, has long known a tenuous peace thanks to the Kingdom Stone, an orb of unknown origin that outputs enough free energy to power every device in the world, seemingly without limit. The Kingdom Stone is beginning to weaken, however, and the planet's three ruling Kingdoms are poised to engage in an all-out war over control of this most precious resource. Add that to a "coup d'etat" within one of these Kingdoms, instigated by an invading alien army, and Avalice's future is looking grim.

Enter three unlikely heroines: the Dragon, Sash Lilac, who unwittingly gets involved when she witnesses a strange airship crash-land and grows concerned for the well being of its pilot; the Wildcat, Carol Tea, whose dedication to her best friend leads her to undertake whatever challenges fate throws her way; and the Orphaned Puppy, Milla Basset, whose quest for nothing more than mere companionship inadvertently brings her directly into the line of fire.

Together, this Trio of Heroines must somehow ingratiate themselves to each of the Three Kingdoms, stop an all-out alien invasion and learn the secret nature of the Kingdom Stone before its power wanes... and before a world war breaks out around them.



  • These controls are as defined in-game unless noted. On the Windows/MacOS/Linux versions, they can be mapped to the keyboard or a controller as the player wishes.
Button Action
/ / / Move
Z / × (PS4) Jump
X Attack
C Special
↵ Enter / Options (PS4) Pause/Resume


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Game Modes

The player can choose between two Game Modes in the Main Game:

  • Adventure Mode: Offers the full experience with fully voiced Cutscenes. Initially only playable as Lilac or Carol, with Version 1.20.6 adding Milla[1] to the playable roster after the Player clears Relic Maze for the first time as either of the two.
  • Classic Mode: Nearly identical to Adventure Mode, but removes most of the Cutscenes for a more streamlined and (as the name implies) classic gameplay experience.

Clearing a Save File in either Game Mode lets Players select from all Stages.

The Player also has Optional Game Modes that include:

  • Time Attack: Each of the Playable Characters can go through all of the unlocked Stage again for the fasted time.
  • Shang Mu Academy: Each Playable Characters can go through a series of Target Smashing Stages for the fasted time.
  • Mahjong: A small Mini-Game that can be unlocked by collecting all 10 Star Cards in any of the Stages.

The Academy and Mahjong are accessed through the Time Attack menu.

Difficulty Levels

Casual Mode

  • Enemies do half damage.
  • High health regeneration.

Easy Mode

  • Enemies do normal damage.
  • Low health regeneration.

Normal Mode

  • Enemies do normal damage.
  • No health regeneration.

Hard Mode

  • Enemies do double damage.
  • No health regeneration.
  • Recovery time is removed.
  • Shields only absorb 1 attack instead of 2.
  • 300 instead of 200 crystal shards are required for an extra life.
  • Many bosses' attack patterns are faster and less predictable.
    • e.g. Lord Brevon's attack pattern, unmodified from its original form (pre-patch).


Playable Characters

Picture Character
Lilac Idle
Sash Lilac: the Dragon Girl

The Main Protagonist; A spunky Water Dragon Girl

  • Voice Actor: Dawn M Bennet
  • Element: Water
  • Petals: 7
  • Moveset
    • Dragon Cyclone
    • Hair Whip
    • Dragon Boost
    • Rising Slash
Carol Idle
Carol Tea: the Wildcat

The Deuteragonist; A Tomboy Wildcat and Lilac's Best Friend

  • Voice Actor: Andi Sina
  • Element: Metal
  • Petals: 7
  • Moveset
    • Pounce
    • Claw Combo
    • Wild Kick
    • Motorcycle
Milla Idle
Milla Basset: the Hound

The Tritagonist; An Orphan Hound Puppy with Alchemy Powers

  • Voice Actor: Aimee Smith
  • Element: Wood
  • Petals: 4
  • Moveset
    • Puppy Float
    • Phantom Cube
    • Barrier
    • Shield Burst

Major Characters

Picture Character
TorqueIdle Fp1-torquesprite-shellduck Commander Torque

An Alien and Commander of the Spectrum Chasers


A Member of the Red Scarves, Brother of Dail and Rival to Lilac & Carol

Neera Li Idle
Neera Li
A Frost Knight and the Magister's Advisor
General Gong
The burly Panda General of Shang Tu's Army
Royal Magister

A wise Earth Dragon and the Heriditary Ruler of Shang Tu

Mayor Zao

A mischievous Red Panda and the Mayor of Shang Mu

Bird Guard/Officer

A Royal Guard in Shang Tu's Royal Palace


A Robotic AI from Ancient Times

Antagonist Characters

Picture Character
Brevon Walking
Arktivus Brevon

The Main Antagonist; An Inergalactic Warlord from Outer Space

General Serpentine

A Snake with Robotic Arms and Brevon's Top General

Prince Dail

The brainwashed Crown Prince of Shuigang and Brother of Spade


Brevon's Robotic AI Assistant and Defense Drone

Minor Characters

Picture Character
King of Shuigang Sprite
King of Shuigang

The Former Ruler of Shuigang and Father of Dail & Spade

Rogue Warrior

A Warrior with no Allegiance

Dragon Scientist

A Scientist and Dragon From Ancient Times

Mr. Stumpy
Mr. Stumpy

An Inanimate Tree Stump and Milla's Playmate

  • Element: ---
Soldier-shangtu Soldier-shangmu Soldier-shuigang Soldiers

Warriors who serve and protect the Three Kingdoms of Avalice

  • Element: ---


Freedom Planet has a total of 14 Stages, with each one (minus Final Dreadnought) having a 1st and 2nd Act and ending with a Boss Fight. The type of Stages and the order they're played in are determined by the Playable Characters, whom each can only play on 12 of the Stages.

Main Stages

Image Name Stage Number Playable As
Aqua Tunnel Stage Select Icon
Aqua Tunnel 1st Overall Stage Milla Basset
Dragon Valley Stage Select Icon
Dragon Valley 2nd Overall Stage Sash Lilac
Carol Tea
Relic Maze Stage Select Icon
Relic Maze 3rd Overall Stage Sash Lilac
Carol Tea
Milla Basset
Fortune Night Stage Select Icon
Fortune Night 4th Overall Stage Sash Lilac
Carol Tea
Milla Basset
Sky Battalion Stage Select Icon
Sky Battalion 5th Overall Stage Sash Lilac
Carol Tea
Milla Basset
Jade Creek Stage Select Icon
Jade Creek 6th Overall Stage Sash Lilac
Carol Tea
Milla Basset
Trap Hideout Stage Select Icon
Trap Hideout 7th Overall Stage Carol Tea
Milla Basset
Thermal Base Stage Select Icon
Thermal Base 8th Overall Stage Sash Lilac
Carol Tea
Milla Basset
Pangu Lagoon Stage Select Icon
Pangu Lagoon 9th Overall Stage Sash Lilac
Battle Glacier Stage Select Icon
Battle Glacier 10th Overall Stage Sash Lilac
Carol Tea
Milla Basset
= = = = = = = Final Dreadnought Final 4-Stage Set = = = = = = =
Final Dreadnought 1 Stage Select Icon
Round 1 11th Overall Stage Sash Lilac
Carol Tea
Milla Basset
Final Dreadnought 2 Stage Select Icon
Round 2 12th Overall Stage Sash Lilac
Carol Tea
Milla Basset
Final Dreadnought 3 Stage Select Icon
Round 3 13th Overall Stage Sash Lilac
Carol Tea
Milla Basset
Final Dreadnought 4 Stage Select
Round 4 14th Overall / Final Stage Sash Lilac
Carol Tea
Milla Basset

Extra Stages

These are Extra Stages that are Playable in Freedom Planet after meeting certain conditions.

Image Name Accessible From Playable As
Bonus Stage Adventure Mode

Classic Mode

Sash Lilac
Carol Tea
Milla Basset
Schmup Stage Adventure Mode

Classic Mode

Sash Lilac
Carol Tea
Milla Basset
Shang Mu Academy Stage Select Icon
Shang Mu Academy Time Attack Mode Sash Lilac
Carol Tea
Milla Basset
Mahjong Time Attack Mode Sash Lilac
Carol Tea
Milla Basset

Art Gallery


Freedom Planet Official Launch Trailer

Freedom Planet Official Launch Trailer

Torque Teaser (Oct 2015)

Torque Teaser (Oct 2015)


Freedom Planet received "generally favorable" reviews on Metacritic getting a metascore of 83/100 on PC,[2] 82/100 on Nintendo Switch,[3] and 84/100 on Wii U.[4] While gives an aggregate score (playscore) of 8.68 on PC,[5] 7.85 on Nintendo Switch,[6] and 8.25 on Wii U.[7]


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