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An Extra Life, also called "1-Up" or "Stocks", allows the Player to respawn if they're knocked out in any Stage.


Extra Lives are little creatures that resemble the Playable Characters, and are trapped in small cages hidden throughout each Stage. Once they're freed, they will bounce away and attempt to escape. Once they're picked up by the Player, they'll float around them and sparkle until they fly up to the Player's Life Counter, giving them an Extra Life. The Cages can also be picked up and thrown by Milla.

Freedom Planet

Extra Lives are essential to Freedom Planet, collecting as many as they can before facing the Final Boss of the Game: Lord Brevon. If the Player is KO'ed while they're out of lives, then it's "Game Over"!

How to Lose an Extra Life

The Player can lose a life in the following ways:

  • Get hit by an attack while out of Life Petals
  • Restart a Stage from the Pause Menu
  • Fall down a Bottomless Pit
  • Drown while Underwater
  • Get Crushed to Death
Extra Life & Stage Difficulty

The number of Lives the Player start out with is determined by the Stage Difficulty:

  • Casual Mode: 7 Lives
  • Easy Mode: 5 Lives
  • Normal Mode: 5 Lives
  • Hard Mode: 3 Lives
How to get an Extra Life
  • Collect 200 Crystal Shards, 300 on Hard Mode
  • In the Bonus Stage, where the can Player can get up 1-3 Lives per roll
  • Break open an Extra Life Cage

Continue Screen

When Game Over occurs, the Player is sent to the Continue Screen, where a 9-second countdown begins as the Chosen Character struggles to get back up, with the numbers appearing in the form of Crystal Shards. If the Player chooses to continue, the Character will get up and run to the right off-screen, then comes back and goes to the left off-screen while using a certain move. Afterwards, they are sent back to the start of a Stage (or the last passed Checkpoint in later versions) with 3 Lives, regardless of the Stage Difficulty. If the Player doesn't choose to continue and let's the timer run out, then the Character will die and the Player will be sent back to the Game's Main Menu.

Each Playable Character will do and say something different when choosing to continue:

Character Details Dialogue
Lilac Continue.gif

Lilac DragonBoost.gif

Jumps and does a Dragon Boost

"I won't give up!"

"Not today!"

"Let's go!"

Carol Tea Crying.png

Carol Tea Bike Intro.gif

Drives by on her Motorcycle

"Let's try again."

"My friends need me."


Jumps and does a Puppy Float

"I can do this!"

Freedom Planet 2

The faces of the Playable Characters on the Life Counter are now animated, able to blink their eyes, unlike in the first game. The physical form of the Stocks have not yet been confirmed, though the 1-Up Sprites of Lilac & Carol from the first game will make a cameo as plushies inside of Milla's Laboratory.

The set number of Crystal Shards needed for an Extra Stock is now 250, regardless of the difficulty, though certain Items can increase or decrease the amount needed. The Player can now get bonus Crystal Shards with the number of lives they have when completing a Stage. The more Lives the Player has, the more Crystal Shards they'll earn. Each Stock, starting with 2, gives 50 Crystal Shards.

Continue Screen

In the Sample Version of Freedom Planet, when the Player is KO'ed while out of Stocks, the word "Defeated..." will appear on the screen instead of Game Over. The Player is then sent to the Continue Screen, where they're given the following choices:

  • Punching Bag: Hit the Punching Bag to earn extra Crystal Shards.
  • Return to Checkpoint: Spend 300 Crystal Shards to return to the last Checkpoint passed.
  • Restart Stage: Return to the Starting Point of a Stage.
  • Exit: Quit the Stage and return to the Main Menu.


  • The 1-Up Jingle that plays when the Player obtains an Extra Life, doesn't play during the 4 Rounds of Final Dreadnought.
  • In the Sample Version of Freedom Planet 2, there is a glitch where if the Player falls onto a Jump Spring after being KO'ed, then they will instantly revive without spending a Stock. This will also occur when the Player is "Defeated" (gets Game Over), in which the word will stay on the screen during gameplay, even if the Player completes the Stage.
  • Interestingly, Lilac's Extra Life Sprite went unchanged throughout all of the different versions of Freedom Planet. This includes the Beta releases of her Hedgehog design, so if one looks closely when the Sprite is smiling, one can see the peach skin inside the mouth, referencing Lilac's old design as a hedgehog (see sprite below).
    • It is also worth noting that this may be the only in-game reference to Beta (Hedgehog) Lilac that exists within Freedom Planet.


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