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Dragon Valley, a stage from the first Freedom Planet, makes its return as the 1st Stage in Freedom Planet 2, being the only Stage available in the Sample Version of the Game.


This version of Dragon Valley is much like it's predecessor, being a mountainous valley covered in a dense forest. The difference is the setting, in which the events of the Stage takes place at night, with the Moon and Avalice's planetary ring shown in the background. As the Player progresses, the background slowly changes, showing the sun rising, marking the dawn of a new day and a new Adventure.

HUB World

Along with being a Stage, Dragon Valley will also be a HUB Area the Game's Adventure Mode, where the Player can explore, interact with NPCs and access area like Milla's Laboratory.


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  • Drake Fly
  • Keon
  • Line Cutter
  • Spy Turretus
  • Turretus
  • Proto Pincer (Boss)



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