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Dragon Valley Stage Select Icon.png Overview Transcript
Fine, I'll go by myself. Yipee. . . woohoo. . .
- Carol, after Lilac races off to the crash site

Dragon Valley is the 1st Stage for Lilac & Carol in Freedom Planet. It is a mountainous valley covered in a dense forest located in the Valley Region, and is also the location of Lilac's Treehouse.

For the Sequel Stage, see Dragon Valley (FP2).

Story Overview

While preparing for a raid during the annual pilgrimage to the Kingdom Stone, Lilac witnesses a plane crash landing in Dragon Valley and races off to help out the pilot. Meanwhile, a less concerned Carol notices multiple Shuigang Helicopters flying towards the crash site while driving in the opposite direction, and decides to help out "Little Miss Heropants".


Area 1

The level starts in a relatively dry scrub land area and is fairly straightforward. The lower sections are greener, and while there are a number of enemies, they are easily dodged and/or dispatched with single hits. At the end of the area, there is a purple barrier guarded by Wretchnid. Defeating this enemy requires a number of hits, but is easily dispatched. Afterwards, the barrier will turn into Crystal Shards, allowing the Player to proceed.

Area 2

Deeper into the valley, and the vegetation begins to increase. This area is a little more complex, but only just. About halfway through this area is the Mid-Boss battle against the Hunter Snake for the first time. After defeating it, the Hunter Snake will retreat by breaking through a wall, opening a path to the second half of this stage.

Area 3

Now the Player at the bottom of the valley, where the vegetation is rich and luscious, and there are a couple of swimming sections and a few waterfalls. The Hunter Snake will pop its head out in those waterfalls to shoot small fireballs, but these are easily avoided. Near the end of this area, there are dancing trees with spikes on the side.

Area 4

For most of this area, there's a big boulder giving chase, "Indiana Jones" style. The player won't have time to admire the scenery unless they want to be flattened by five tons of solid rock. Not that it matters anyway since the boulder destroys most of it on the way. The good thing is it also deals with any enemy along the path. At the end of this area is the major boss battle against the Snake Mount again. Once defeated, it will crash trough the ceiling (if defeated by Lilac) or the wall (if defeated by Carol or Torque), blowing up afterwards. Then the player will pass through the hole, ending the stage.


Freedom Planet

  • Board Walls
  • Bone Spikes
  • Dancing Spike Trees
  • Steam Pits
  • Waterfall Logs


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Minor Enemies






Ganseki Jr.


Spore Pod


Star Flounder







Hunter Snake


Wretchnid Sprite.png



Achievements (Badges)

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Badge Details
Card Collector (Dragon Valley)

Collect all 10 cards in Dragon Valley.

Dragon Valley Speedrunner

Clear Dragon Valley in 5 Minutes.

Lilac the Skip Switcher

Skip the switch door in Dragon Valley as Lilac.

Rolling Stones

Get a boulder to warp around the screen.

Other Appearances

Super Indie Karts

Dragon Valley is confirmed to be a playable track in Super Indie Karts, a racing game that is similar to the Mario Kart Games. This game is currently available on Steam as an early access game and is expected to be fully completed and released in 2020.


  • The Dancing Spike Trees in Act 2 of Dragon Valley are similar to the dancing trees seen in World 2 of Super Mario Bros. 3.


Act 1

Act 2