May the winds of time carry you for eternity.
- The Dragon Scientist at the end of his message about the origins of the Kingdom Stone

The unnamed Dragon Scientist, also known as simply Scientist, & in-game ?????, was a scientist and an Ancient Dragon from another planet.


The Dragon Scientist was an Earth Dragon with brown skin, light-brown horns, yellow whiskers, light-blue eyes and a long tail. His outfit was a light and blue space suit and gray boots.


Our Final Message

The Dragon Scientist only appears in the holographic message from Pangu, who was first discovered by Sash Lilac in Pangu Lagoon after she defeated the Holodragon. In the message, he explain the Origins of the Kingdom Stone and how the Ancient Dragons of the Before Time first came to Avalice and helped the Avalicians survive and prosper. He appears again during the staff credits.

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