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May the winds of time carry you for eternity.
- The Dragon Scientist at the end of Pangu's message about the Kingdom Stone's Origin

The unnamed Dragon Scientist, also known simply as Scientist, and in-game as ?????, was a scientist and an Ancient Dragon from another planet.


The Dragon Scientist was an Earth Dragon with brown skin, light-brown horns, yellow whiskers, light-blue eyes and a long tail. His outfit was a light and blue space suit, black gloves and gray boots.


Not much is known about the Dragon Scientist, asides from the fact that he was wise and likely intelligent. As a Scientist, he was clearly skilled in the ways of science and technology.


  • The portrayal of the Dragon Scientist in Freedom Planet appears to be reminiscence to the portrayal of Dr. Thomas Light in the Games, Mega Man X and its PSP remake, Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X.
    • In both Games, Dr. Light appears in holographic messages that he recorded before his passing, reminding the Titular Protagonist, X, of his true purpose and providing him with upgrades to help him save the world from Sigma, the Main Antagonist of the 2 Games.