The following Page is a Collection of Quotes said by Prince Dail.

Freedom Planet

There are 30 tracks of recorded dialogue in total.


Dialogue Voice Clip
"You will face justice! Surrender!"

- At the start of the Kujacker Fight in Sky Battalion

Dail Voice Clip 04 01
"So, you have chosen death... how pathetic!"

- Responding to the Heroes' refusal to surrender

Dail Voice Clip 04 02
"Behold my true power!"

- Using the Kujacker's Electric Surge

Dail Voice Clip truepower2
"You insolent worm."

- At the Climax of the Kujacker Fight

Dail Voice Clip 04 03
"This is far from over!"

- Upon the Kujacker's defeat

Dail Voice Clip 04 04
"It's such a shame that you chose the wrong side. Enjoy the last few minutes of your pathetic lives!"

- At the start of the Shade Beast Fight in Battle Glacier

Dail Voice Clip 05 02

- Being Damaged

Dail Voice Clip hurt1
"How about this?"

- Using his Metal Death Cards

Dail Voice Clip howaboutthis

- Using the Shade Beast's Aura Burst

Dail Voice Clip dievermin
"I'm not finished yet!"

- Taking damage on the Shade Beast

Dail Voice Clip notfinished
"You insidious worm!"

- Taking damage on the Shade Beast

Dail Voice Clip worm
"What is this nonsense?!"

- At the Climax of the Shade Beast Fight

Dail Voice Clip whatisthis

- Being knocked off the Shade Beast

Dail Voice Clip no
"NNOOOO! My beautiful creation!!!"

- Upon the Shade Beast's defeat

Dail Voice Clip nodeath


Dialogue Voice Clip
"I tried Father!"

- During the Opening Cutscene, being held captive by Shade Elites

Dail Voice Clip 01 01
"*Gasps* ...No."

- During the Opening Cutscene, after seeing his father beheaded by Lord Brevon.

Dail Voice Clip 01 02

- During the Opening Cutscene, responding to Brevon murdering his father

Dail Voice Clip 01 03

- During the Opening Cutscene, struggling as he is being choked by Brevon.

Dail Voice Clip 01 04
- During the Opening Cutscene, screaming in pain as he is being brainwashed by Brevon and Syntax.
Dail Voice Clip 01 05
"It is my duty to protect my father's kingdom."

- Pre-Fortune Night, telling Brevon where his duties lie

Dail Voice Clip 02 01

- Pre-Fortune Night, answering Brevon's question about sacrifice

Dail Voice Clip 02 02
"We must protect it, at all costs."

- Pre-Fortune Night, resolving to protect Shuigang

Dail Voice Clip 02 03
"Revenge is upon us, my fellow kin. We have confirmed who is responsible for the death of our king."

- Pre-Fortune Night, preparing Shuigang to wage War

Dail Voice Clip 03 01
"Zao of Shang Mu!"

- Pre-Fortune Night, identifying Zao as his father's killer

Dail Voice Clip 03 02
"His plans to steal our Kingdom Stone must be stopped!"

- Pre-Fortune Night, rallying his troops

Dail Voice Clip 03 03
"Deploy our Sky Battalion!"

- Pre-Fortune Night, ordering the Sky Battalion to attack Shang Mu

Dail Voice Clip 03 04
"It will be done."

- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, obeying Brevon to give orders to his troops

Dail Voice Clip 05 00


Dialogue Voice Clip
"Behold my true power!"
- Alternate Kujacker Line
Dail Voice Clip truepower
"NNOOOO! My beautiful creation!"

− possibly another take of a previous line heard above. This one is recorded as a cutscene, rather than in-game. The filesize and length are also slightly different.

Dail Voice Clip 05 03

- Dail screaming, possibly after the Shade Beast boss Fight.

Dail Voice Clip 05 04

Freedom Planet 2

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Dialogue Voice Clip
"We need you track down a thief. A large portion of our weapons and steel reserves have mysteriously vanished. An no, I am NOT imagining things."

- To Lilac, Adventure Mode 2019 Trailer

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