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Freedom Planet

Prince Dail is the End-Boss of 2 Stages in Freedom Planet, where he pilots 2 different machines.

Sky Battalion: Kujacker

"You will face justice! Surrender!"
- Dail, ordering Team Lilac to surrender

In Sky Battalion, Dail rides the Kujacker, a peacock-like robot that he uses to lead his troops into battle.


As the Player returns to Zao's Airship after disabling all the enemy cannons, Dail appears on the Kujacker, attacking the Player from there. It'll fly around randomly, launching an attack afterwards. It's weak point is it's head, which is protected by the blue spheres on it's plumage. Once it's head is damaged, the Kujacker will fly off-screen and attempt to dash into the Player. After its head is damaged 4 times, the blue spheres on the Kujacker's Plumage will turn a shade of red during its 5th and final phase, signifying its near defeat. Once it's defeated, the Kujacker will be heavily damaged (but still flight worthy), forcing Dail and the Sky Battalion to retreat, ending the Stage.

"This is far from over!"
- Dail retreating.

The Metal Shield Crystal can give the Player a big advantage in this Boss Fight, able to protect them from the Kujacker's Electric Attacks.


Attack Details
Prince Dail Kujacker Energy Ball.gif

Electric Ball

The Kujacker can generates a ball of electricity that moves towards the Player.

Dail Kujacker Wind.gif


The Kujacker will slightly ascend, creating a small twister that can blow the Player off of Zao's Airship. The Player can resist the gust by running against it.

Prince Dail Kujacker Side.png
Dail Kujacker Head Side.gif

Peck Attack

After it's head is damaged, the Kujacker will fly off-screen and quickly flies through the side to peck the Player, flying up or down varying on the Player's position. It will alternate its dash starting position coming from the left and right directions and will rush through the sky a total of four times in a row before returning to its natural, vulnerable state.

Dail Kujacker Energy Beam (Light).gif
Dail Kujacker Electric Surge.gif

Electric Surge

The yellow spheres will turn yellow, becoming briefly invulnerable. Afterwards, it charges up all of it's energy and unleashes a surge of electricity in 8 direction. The smaller, harmless light beams are a precursor to where the larger harmful energy surges will be unleashed at.


Battle Glacier: Shade Beast

"It's such a shame that you chose the wrong side. Enjoy the last few minutes of your pathetic lives!"
- Dail's Monolouge from atop the Shade Beast

In Battle Glacier, Dail rides the Shade Beast, an eyeless, spherical monster that he uses to stop in an attempt to stop Team Lilac from entering the Dreadnought.


Dail sits on top of the Shade Beast and is protected by a Metal Shield. Before the Boss Fight start, he will monologue, leaving him vulnerable to an attack. Once the Fight begins, The Shade Beast will move it's head left and right, high above the Player and keeping Dail safe. After awhile, it will lower its head to charge up a powerful attack, but also leaves Dail vulnerable to attack. Whenever Dail takes damage, the Shade Beast will spawn Beast Irises to aid in the fight.

"NOOOO! My Beautiful Creation!!!!
- Dail, upon the Shade Beast's defeat

Once defeated, Dail will fall off the Shade Beast and watch in horror as his "Beautiful creation" explodes in front of him. Before Team Lilac can celebrate, Dail attempts one final attack, but is thwarted by his brother Spade, forcing the Prince to flee the battle.

During this Boss Fight, There are 2 dirt spots, so Milla can dig up 2 Shield Crystals: a Metal Shield and an Invincibility Crystal. There is also a Fuel Tank, so Carol can get her Motorcycle if she hasn't already at this point.


Attack Details
Prince Dail Throw.gif

Prince Dail Card.gif

Homing Death Cards

Dail will throw 2 sets of Green Death Cards that home in on the Player, pausing briefly before moving again.

Metal Death Cards

Dail will throw a set of Metal Death Cards that unleashes a charge of electricity vertically, similar to the Kujacker's Electric Surge.

Aura Burst

The Shade Beast will lower it's head to the ground and charges energy until it unleashes a burst of Aura Orbs that can Stunlock the Player. This attack will also leave Dail vulnerable to attack.


Iris Spawn

After Dail takes damage, the Shade Beast will spawn a group of Beast Irises to attack the Player. Each one can drop a Life Petal upon being defeated.

Beta Elements

  • The Background in the Beta Version of this Boss Fight was the same as the Absolution.
  • It took 3 hits to break Dail's Shield instead of 2.
  • Dail threw more Death Cards.


Badge Details
Preemptive Strike II

The Player can earn this Badge during the Shade Beast Fight in Battle Glacier, if they can destroy Prince Dail's Shield before he finishes his Monologue.


  • Dail's Homing Death Cards are similar to Terra's Spark Chaser from Mega Man V.
  • If the Beast Irises are still present in battle when the Shade Beast is destroyed, their eye expressions will change from angry to surprised, and they'll also stop attacking.