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It's such a shame that you chose the wrong side. Enjoy the last few minutes of your pathetic lives!
- Dail's Monologue at the start of the Shade Beast Fight

Dail is the Crown Prince of Shuigang and the older half-brother of Spade. After witnessing the beheading of his father, he was then was brainwashed and enslaved by Lord Brevon, who convinces him to steal the Kingdom Stone, which could've escalated in a civil war between the Three Kingdoms of Avalice. However, this was averted when Team Lilac successfully united the Kingdoms of Shang Tu & Shang Mu against Brevon. Afterwards, Dail is freed from Brevon's control by Spade, and goes on to inherits his father's throne.

- Dail, upon seeing his father murdered by Lord Brevon


Dail is a white panda with black hair and golden brown eyes (when he was brainwashed, his eyes were red). He wears green robes with gold high-lightings and a yellow scarf strapped around his waist.



Like his brother, Spade, Dail is able to fight with Cards and use the Flash Jump ability. He is also able to operate machines and pilot certain vehicles, such as the Kujacker and the Shade Beast. In Freedom Planet 2, Dail is shown to be proficient with a sword, as he no longer uses his Cards.


  • Dail's attacks seem to correspond with his outfit (Yellow and green, as mentioned above).
  • Dail is one of the two bosses in the game with the ability to spawn Elemental shields, the other being Neera. Unlike Neera, he only uses the Metal shield.
  • The last names of both Dail and Spade are still unknown, although they are likely to be something denoting the name of the kingdom, since they are royalty.
  • While unconfirmed, it seems that the Flash Jump is either a Shuigang royal family genetic ability or a shared invention between Dail and Spade.
  • Dail's boss theme is one of the most popular tracks from the original soundtrack among fans.
  • Dail's Boss theme is significantly different in the Beta build. This is likely because the original track was actually used as a placeholder until an official boss theme for Dail was invented for the final release.[1]