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"It's such a shame that you chose the wrong side. Enjoy the last few minutes of your pathetic lives!"
Dail, before entering his second fight with Team Lilac

Dail is the crown prince of Shuigang and the older half-brother of Spade. After witnessing the beheading of his father, he was then was brainwashed and enslaved by Lord Brevon, who convinces him steal the Kingdom Stone, which could've escalated in a civil war between the Three Kingdoms of Avalice. However, this was averted when Lilac and her friends Carol, Milla & Torque sucessfully united the Kingdoms of Shang Tu and Shang Mu against Brevon. Afterwards, Dail fully inherits his father's throne after Spade frees him from Brevon's brainwashing.


Freedom PlanetEdit

Dail, upon seeing his father murdered by Lord Brevon

The Fall of Shuigang Edit

Dail is first seen during the Opening Cutscene of Freedom Planet, being held captive by Brevon's Forces during their invasion of Shuigang Palace. He watched helplessly as his Father is beheaded by Brevon, who intends on "gifting Dail with his knowledge". In an attempt to avenge his father, Dail tries to attack Brevon, but the Warlord grabs him by the throat and has him brainwashed into obedience by Syntax, having no memory of Brevon murdering his Father. Now poisoned with madness over his Father's death, Dail sends machines across the land to steal energy from the other Kingdoms, as stated by the Royal Magister, who fears war is inevitable due to the growing tensions caused by Dail's actions. Eventually, Dail hires his brother, Spade, to steal the Kingdom Stone in an effort to find their Father's killer, unaware that he's being brainwashed and manipulated by the very person he's looking for.

The Warlord's Pawn Edit

After Spade stole the Kingdom Stone and delivered it to Mayor Zao, Brevon convinces Dail that Zao had ordered the assassination of his father and had taken the Kingdom Stone, so he rallies his troops and deploys his Sky Battalion to Shang Mu, sucessfully stealing the Stone from Zao. Soon after, he is followed by Lilac and co., who were on their own Airship, and attempts to shoot them down. After the heroes conquered three of his Airships, he attacked them with his Kujacker, declaring that "they would face justice" and demanded for their surrender. Of course, they refused, and a fight ensued. Dail was defeated, and retreated declaring his grudge against them being far from over.

Chasers Among Us Edit

After the sky battle, Dail returned to Shuigang Palace, where he later attended a meeting with Brevon, Serpentine, Syntax, and several Shade Elites. Brevon, who was sitting on the King's throne, announced that there were still Chasers among them, and has received help from Lilac, Carol & Milla. Knowing that they could foil his plans, he gives the order to emilinate them as quickly as possible. However, according Syntax's intel, Torque and his newfound allies had all been detained in Shang Tu, and it would be impossible to infiltrate the city directly without exposing their operations. So Brevon waits until the heroes leave Shang Tu to drag them to their Remote Base in the outskirts of Jade Creek.

Preparing for Liftoff Edit

Dail was later seen helping Brevon with the preparations for the Dreadnought to blast off into space. After learning that Lilac and co. have united the armies of Shang Tu & Shang Mu to attack their launch base, Brevon orders Dail to have his troops engage the two armies, and ordered Serpentine to "find the Commander and his pets and tear them to shreds." (he also asked him to "leave their brains intact if possible", stating that he might use them for something).

Dail's Retaliation Edit

Lilac and co. have managed to reach the base of the Dreadnought, where Dail was waiting for them, sitting on top of the Shade Beast. Despite his large array of attacks, and several Beast Irises spawned from the Beast, Dail was defeated a second time and his " beautiful creation" was destroyed before is very eyes. Dail attempted a final attack on the heroes, but he was stopped by his brother, Spade. While the heroes infiltrated the Dreadnought to stop Brevon from escaping with the Kingdom Stone, Dail fled from the battle, with Spade in hot pursuit.

A New Beginning Edit

Thanks to Spade, Dail was freed from Brevon's control, inheriting his Father's throne later on, becoming Shuigang's new King. Despite no longer being brainwashed, the mutants and machines that he and Brevon used still ravaged the landscape. It is likely that Dail's first duty as King was to undo the damage Brevon made him inflict upon the Three Kingdoms. So, he sends his troops to hunt down and dispose of all the remaining mutants and machines across Avalice, as shown at the end of the game, where the Shuigang Soldiers were pursuing a swarm of Shade Cores through the Palace, with the Kingdom Stone's new form, a Crystalline Vortex, shining in the sky.


Dail is seen riding atop multiple robots bursting with destructive potential (Kujacker & Shade Beast), who's crosshairs are pointed at the Player, but he never fights in person. In cutscenes, seen outside of the battlefield, he can be seen with red eyes (due to being brainwashed), black hair and a green outfit with a yellow scarf strapped around his waist. He is also seen using the Flash Jump, a technique that Spade also uses.


Like his brother, Dail is able to fight with cards and use the Flash Jump. He is also able to pilot certain vehicles. In Freedom Planet 2, Dail is able to easily operate machinations and is proficient with a sword.

Trivia Edit

  • Dail's attacks seem to correspond with his outfit (Yellow and Green, as mentioned above).
  • Dail is one of the two bosses in the game with the ability to spawn Elemental shields. The other being Neera. Unlike Neera, he only uses the Metal Shield.
  • The last names of both Dail and Spade last names are still unknown, although, they are likely to be something akin to the name of the kingdom.
  • While unconfirmed, it seems that the Flash Jump is either Shuigang genetic inheritance or a shared invention between Dail and Spade.
  • Dail's boss theme is one of the most popular tracks from the original soundtrack among fans.


References Edit

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