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Crystal Shards are small, blue gems that are used for energy and as a trading system on Avalice. [1]

Freedom Planet

Each Shard refills a small amount of the Player's energy meter and can also be found in Crystal Flowers. Collecting 200 Crystal Shards (300 on Hard Mode) will grant the Player an Extra Life. If the Player has a Wood Shield Crystal, they'll get 1 Health Petal when they've collected 20 Shards. Enemies are able to collect Crystal Shards too and the collected Shards can be obtained by defeating the enemies who picked up those Shards. Clearing the Game with over 7,000 Crystal Shards collected will earn the Player the Gem Hoarder Acheievement.

Crystal Flowers

Crystal Flowers are flower-shaped crystals found in every Stage. Each flower holds a total of 7 Crystal Shards, simply by breaking them open. Crystal Flowers can also be picked up by Milla, who can throw them at enemies and damage them.

Freedom Planet 2

Crystal Shards will retain their original role, but this time, the set number of Shards needed for an Extra Life is 300, though there are certain Power-Ups that can increase or decrease the amount needed. Also, underneath the Player's Life and Shard Counters is a Crystal Meter, which measures the amount of Shards collected in a Stage. Once the Meter is filled, the Player will get an Extra Life.

Crystal Flowers can now be found on walls and ceilings, and any Crystal Shards scattered from a broken Flower will be automatically drawn to the Player.

Crystal Shard Bonus

Whenever the Player clears a Stage, they will get Bonus Crystal Shards for certain things such as Lives, Gold Gems, Bonus Rings, etc. Additionally, certain Power-Ups can also provide a Crystal Shard Bonus, but with some sort of penalty, depending on what item the Player has equipped. The Power-Ups with Bonuses are listed as the following:

10% Bonus

Picture Name Effect
Alchemical Burst Random effects
Gem Booster
Gem Booster No Effects

20% Bonus

Picture Name Effect
Expensive Stocks
Expensive Stocks More Shards needed for an Extra Life
No Guarding
No Guarding The Player cannot Guard

25% Bonus

Picture Name Effect
Double Damage
Double Damage Increased Enemy Attack Power
No Revivals
No Revivals The Player cannot Revive
No Stocks
No Stocks The Player has no Lives
Time Limit
Time Limit No Bonus if Time runs out

50% Bonus

Picture Name Effect
Enemy Armor Enemies have more Health
Items To Bombs
Items to Bombs No Items, only Bombs
No Petals
No Petals Empty Health Meter

100% Bonus

Picture Name Effect
One Hit KO
One Hit KO Instant KO for the Player



  1. We would like to find a good way to use them as currency to purchase either powerups or unlockable content. We kinda have this idea where if you collect one of the star cards in a stage, it gets placed inside a gallery, and you have to pay a certain number of crystals to flip it over and reveal its contents, which could be anything from an unlockable feature to information on one of the characters or enemies. - Strife on the Kickstarter Campaign Message Board.
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