The Coalition of Planets is an alliance of united planets across the galaxy. It is also the same alliance that Torque and the Spectrum Chasers answers to.

The Chasers are sent by the Coalition to protect the galaxy from intergalactic threats. Their highest threat yet was Arktivus Brevon, whose galactic conquest has left hundreds of worlds destroyed, thousands of heroes killed or corrupted and enormous amounts of weapon energy stolen, as described by Torque.


Freedom Planet

The Coalition is first mentioned when Torque explains to Lilac and Carol that he comes from an alliance between many different worlds that the Chasers answer to, and also telling them about Brevon, and the danger he poses. At the end of the game, as he prepares to leave, Torque thanks Lilac, Carol, Milla and General Gong for helping him defeat Brevon and his army, stating that they have earned the Coalition's sincere gratitude.

Known Worlds in the Coalition of Planets

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