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The Claw is the mid-boss of Relic Maze for Lilac and Carol (but not Milla) and the third mid-boss in Freedom Planet. It is a mechanical bluish gray arm with a claw that has a yellow gem embedded in it. The Claw was attached to a Shang Mu truck and used to steal a big yellow diamond in said Stage.

Once approached at the front of the Shang Mu Truck, the claw will start attacking the player's character. When it starts glowing yellow on its insides, it'll attack by firing a laser from its gem that bounces off the surface of the truck's floor, which it'll do at least three times, doing so at different positions each time. Additionally, it'll also extend its claw at the player's character and try to grab said character. To defeat it, the character simply has to attack its yellow gem. Six hits to the gem will destroy the claw, allowing the character passage to the button to destroy the truck. Additionally, this mid-boss can be skipped by running all the way to the front while on the ground below the truck cars' floors, but only Lilac is fast enough with her Dragon Boost to outmatch the speed of the truck as Carol cannot keep up with the truck. Afterward, the character can simply destroy the button and both the claw and the truck will be destroyed instantly at the same time. It's better to destroy it with a special attack as destroying the button will explode and hurt the character. This will earn the player the Claw Bypass Achievement.

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