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The Claw is the Mid-Boss of Relic Maze for Lilac & Carol in Freedom Planet. As the name implies, it is a large, mechanical claw used by the Soldiers of Shang Mu steal treasure during their raid on the Ancient Temple.


The Claw is a mechanical bluish gray arm with a claw that has a yellow eye as it's power source. It is attached to a Shang Mu Truck and is used to steal treasure and/or defend the Truck from attackers.


The Claw first appears after it breaks through a wall to take a Yellow Gemstone from it's pedestal. Lilac or Carol attempts to stop it, but are knocked backed as it breaks through more walls to escape. As the pathway begins to collapse, The Player gives chase, with Lilac using her Dragon Boost or with Carol using the Jump Pads placed on the path, landing on the Shang Mu Truck afterwards.

Once the Player reaches the front of the Shang Mu Truck, the Claw will start attacking the Player, alternating between grabbing the Player or shooting them with a laser. To defeat it, the Player simply has to attack the Claw's eye. At least six hits to the eye will destroy the Claw, allowing the character disable the Truck by dropping the Yellow Gemstone on the Truck's engine or using a Character's Special Attack, as the following explosion will hurt the Chosen Character.


  • Claw Grab: The Claw will extend itself to try and grab the Player and damage them.
  • Claw Laser: The Claw's Eye can fire a set of three lasers that ricochet off the Shang Mu Truck's flooring.

Milla's Story

In Milla's Story, there is no Boss Fight with the Claw. By the time she reaches the shrine where the Yellow Gemstone was taken, the Path ahead is buried with rubble, but a new path leading underground has opened up. Milla heads underground and finds a mine cart that she can ride, leading her to the 2nd half of the Stage, with no Mid-Boss of any kind for her to fight.


Badge Details
Claw Bypass

The Player will earn this Badge if they skip the Claw Fight, simply by running on the ground, up to the truck's engine and destroying it. Due to the absence of Fuel Tanks and Carol's Motorcycle in Relic Maze, It is recommended to play as Lilac in order to get this Badge, since she's the only character fast enough to keep up with the truck.