The Chomper Snake is the boss of Aqua Tunnel in Freedom Planet. It is a large green eel-like snake found in the last slime pool of said stage. It has sharp fins along the sides of its body and a small crest on its head.

As Milla, the only ways to damage it is by either throwing Phantom Cubes into its mouth or by throwing the Bombs it spits out against its head. Using both methods combined is very effective for speedrunning, though timing is crucial, since the Bombs are spit out just a second after opening its mouth.


The Chomper Snake has an easily telegraphed attack pattern:

  • Bubble Bombs: The Chomper Snake will open its mouth and spit out three bubbles, each with a Bomb inside. Two of the Bombs detonate afterwards, while the bubble with the third Bomb pops, giving the Player a chance to pick it up and throw it back at the Chomper Snake.
  • Slime Dive: The Chomper Snake will dive into slime pool, then it will jump out of the pool and over the raft, causing slime bubbles to splash onto the raft. The slime bubbles can be blocked by Milla's Shield.
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