Freedom Planet


Character Select

  • "Sweet!"


Stage Clear

  • "That was totally awesome, did you see that?
  • Hehe, feel my power!

Continuing from Game Over


"Fine, I'll go by myself. Yipee... woohoo..."
- Carol's response to Lilac rushing into Dragon Valley.
"I'd rather be called a traitor than a murderer."
- Carol to Spade in Relic Maze
"You wanna fight? Come and get it!"
- Carol standing up to Spade.
"The Red Scarves are down here. They've still got all of my ninja stuff."
- Carol busting inside Trap Hideout with Milla.
"C'mon, let's show Ms. Heropants how it's done."
- Carol about to start Trap Hideout.


Dialogue Voice Clip
"Aw crap! Hold on Lilac, your buddy's comin' to save you!"
Carol Voice Clip 02 01
"Is that some sort of duck, um... turtle thingy?"
Carol Voice Clip 02 06
Carol Voice Clip 07 09
"Uh...heheh. Didn't anyone tell you? There's a third choice. It's called nope."
Carol Voice Clip 12 00
"Go... get the stone back. For me!"
Carol Voice Clip 36 01
"Hey... Who's a grumpy little Lilac? Who's a gwumpy little Wiwac?"
Carol Voice Clip 43 04

Freedom Planet 2


"Oh ho ho, I've been waitin' a long time for this!"

- in Preview Trailer.


- using her Warp Jump.

"Nice to see you too."

- greeting Milla at her Lab.



  • "What's the hold up?"
  • "Helloooo?"

Stage Clear

  • "Victory!"
  • "Awesome!"
  • "Aww Yeah!"
  • "You're no match for this Kung Fu kitty!"


  • "It's not over yet!"
  • "Ready for Round 2!"
  • She'll Hum Richard Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries"
  • "You're gonna pay for that."
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