Freedom Planet


Dialogue Voice Clip
- On Character Select

- After Pouncing

- When taking damage
"Move, darn it!"
- Pushing an immovable object
Carol Voice Clip wontmove
"Fat chance, buster!"
- Fighting Dail & the Kujacker in Sky Battalion
Carol Voice Clip fatchance

- Pursuing the Absolution in Jade Creek. Is also heard when Zao's army passes by her in a Battle Glacier Cutscene.

-Being Defeated


Dialogue Voice Clip
"Why are we stopping?"
Carol Voice Clip whywestop
"I'm bored."
Carol Voice Clip imbored
"What do you think you're doing?!"
Carol Voice Clip whatthinkdoin

Stage Clear


Voice Clip

"That was totally awesome, did you see that?"
Carol Voice Clip awesome
"Hehe, feel my power!"
Carol Voice Clip feelmypower
"Aww yeah!"

Continuing from Game Over

Dialogue Voice Clip
Let's try again.
Carol Voice Clip letstryagain
My friends need me.
Carol Voice Clip friendsneedme


Dialogue Voice Clip

- Pre-Dragon Valley, noticing a plane crash-landing

"Where are you going?"

- Pre-Dragon Valley, when Lilac attempts to check out the crash

"Can't you be Little Ms. Heropants some other time?"

- Pre-Dragon Valley, asking Lilac to spare the heroics.

Carol Voice Clip 01 07
"Fine, I'll go by myself. Yipee . . . woohoo . . . "

- Pre-Dragon Valley, after Lilac races off to the crash site.

Carol Voice Clip 01 08
"Eee! I better help!"

- Pre-Dragon Valley, going to help Lilac

Carol Voice Clip 01 09
"Are you okay? I saw a huge explosion back there!"

- Post-Dragon Valley, worried about Lilac after the Hunter Snake Fight

Carol Voice Clip 02 02
"Are you okay? I saw a huge explosion back there!"

- Post-Dragon Valley, finding Lilac at the crash site


- Post-Dragon Valley, after Lilac asks if she's been following her


- Post-Dragon Valley, after Torque mistakes her for a guy

"Carol the Wildcat at your service! AndthisisLilac."

- Post-Dragon Valley, Introducing herself (and Lilac) to Torque

Carol Voice Clip 02 05
"Yeah, only I could steal it!"

- Post-Dragon Valley, claiming that only she could steal the Kingdom Stone

"Yep! I've got a motorcycle! And she's a dragon! They're like, super fast."

- Post Dragon Valley, describing her speed and Lilac's speed to Torque

"What about you?"

- Post-Dragon Valley, after Torque tells them to go to the Ancient Temple

"Nice to see you to."

- Pre-Relic Maze, being improperly greeted by Gong at the Ancient Temple

"Will you just listen for a minute?"

- Pre-Relic Maze, asking Gong to listen to them

"But - "

- Pre-Relic Maze, before Neera tells her and Lilac to leave

"Well, they sound like they know what they're doing. Why don't we just Charge-Up and go home huh? Whaddya say?"

- Pre-Relic Maze, talking to Lilac after being ignored by Neera

Carol Voice Clip 03 05
"Spade? What's he doing here?"

- Finding Spade in the Kingdom Stone Shrine

"I'd rather be called a traitor than a murderer."

- Confronting Spade in Relic Maze

Carol Voice Clip 04 02
"You wanna fight? Come and get it!"

- Standing up to Spade in Relic Maze

Carol Voice Clip 04 03
"He'll never make it out."

- After Spade escapes with the Kingdom Stone

"I can't break it!"

- Post-Relic Maze, unable to break a rock during a cave in

"But I - "

- Post-Relic Maze, not willing to leave Lilac in the cave

"Wha . . . How did I . . .  ?"

- Post-Relic Maze, after regaining consciousness, finding herself outside the cave

"I'm over here!"

- Post-Relic Maze, calling out to Lilac

"You made it out!"

- Post-Relic Maze, reuniting with Lilac outside the cave

"It's just a scratch. I'm fine."

- Post-Relic Maze, after Lilac notices a cut on her ear

"Well this stinks. How are we gonna get more money?"

- Post-Relic Maze, wondering how to get more money

"Buttloads of cash?"

- Post-Relic Maze, believing she knows why Spade is working for Zao

"Someone's following us . . . "

- Post-Relic Maze, noticing that she and Lilac are being followed

"Wait . . . someone with a shield pulled me out of the cave. It must'a been her."

- Post-Relic Maze, noticing a frightened girl (Milla) behind a bush

"Eheh . . . sorry about pouncing on ya."

- Post-Relic Maze, apologizing to the girl (Milla) for pouncing on her

"Hello? I'm sorry?"

- Post-Relic Maze, apologizing to the girl (Milla) a second time

"So, thanks for saving me back there . . . but what are you all the way out here?"

- Post-Relic Maze, thanking Milla for saving her from the cave in

"I'll say . . . "

- Post-Relic Maze, agreeing with Milla about Zao's Troops being "not very nice"

"I'm booorrreeeedd."

- Post-Relic Maze, while hanging out at Lilac's Treehouse

Carol Voice Clip 07 01
"Mh, why not."

- Post-Relic Maze, agreeing to a movie

"Hey Lilac?"

- Post-Relic Maze, talking to Lilac with her mouth full

"How come Torque doesn't wanna hang out with us?"

- Post-Relic Maze, asking Lilac a question about Torque with her mouth full

"Eh, he's probably scared of getting cooties."

- Post-Relic Maze, making a "cooties" joke about Torque

"Lilac! Lilac!"

- Post-Relic Maze, entering the Bedroom in a panicked state

"Torque's a, I mean I went down there and he said I mean -"

- Post-Relic Maze, panicking as she tries to wake up Lilac

"Torque turned into an alien or something!!"

- Post-Relic Maze, telling Lilac that Torque is an alien

"Just come with me! Come on!"

- Post-Relic Maze, after jumping onto the dresser

"I'm serious! Get up! Come on! GET UP, GET UPPPP!"

- Post-Relic Maze, getting Lilac out of bed

"What are you?! Give us answers buddy!"

- Post-Relic Maze, confronting Torque in his alien form

"Right. Pinky swear."

- Post-Relic Maze, promising to keep Torque's alien appearance a secret

"Space Cooties!"

- Post-Relic Maze, making another "cooties" joke to Lilac

"And not just ones like Lilac. Huge one like in the movies!"

- Post-Relic Maze, describing huge Dragons to Torque

"So why do a bunch of aliens care about our planet?"

- Post-Relic Maze, asking Torque why aliens have come to Avalice

"Destroy it?"

- Post-Relic Maze, her reaction to Torque wanting to destroying the Kingdom Stone

"If she's going for it, then I am too! If we can best up a giant praying mantis thing together, then who knows what else we can do!"

- Post-Relic Maze, wanting in on the action of getting the Kingdom Stone back

"Hey . . . "

- Post-Relic Maze, after Lilac tells Milla to save Carol's life a few more times

"Say no more! Team Lilac's got your back!"

- Post-Relic Maze, introducing herself, Lilac & Milla as Team Lilac

"We'll talk about the name, kay?"

- Post-Relic Maze, after Lilac gives her a confused look about the team name

"Soooo it's official, right?"

- Post-Relic Maze, asking Torque if he'll let them help him


- Post-Relic Maze, being recruited by Torque

*yawns* "I dunno about you guys, but i'm exhausted."

- Post-Relic Maze, ready to go back to bed

*groans* "Five more minutes . . . "

-Pre-Fortune Night, wanting to sleep in some more

*yawns* "Totally worth it!"

- Pre-Fortune Night, after Lilac remarks that she sleeps for "like half a day"

"Aye aye, Captain!"

- Pre-Fortune Night, ready for adventure

"Um . . . I think it's a little off."

- Pre-Fortune Night, arriving at the Rage Ravine, but can't see the Meeting Piont

"Why do need our help? Don't you have soldiers and spies and stuff . . . "

- Pre-Fortune Night, asking Gong why he needs her friend's help

Carol Voice Clip 10 02
"How did you know we were coming?"

- Pre-Fortune Night, encountering Spade in Shang Mu's Commercial District

"Will you JUST hold on a minute and let us explain?"

- Pre-Fortune Night, trying to tell Spade the truth of his Father's death

"Got it!"

- Pre-Fortune Night, heading for the nearby shopping mall

"That was totally awesome, did you see that? You were like "Take that!" and I was like "POW POW!"

- Post-Fortune Night, after defeating the Robopanther

"We gotta go after them!"

- Post-Fortune Night, after Shuigang Airships escape with the Kingdom Stone


- Post-Fortune Night, realizing she has to bow before Zao

"You bet we are!"

- Post-Fortune Night, telling Zao that she and her friends defeated the Robopanther

"I am pretty hungry . . . "

- Post-Fortune Night, liking the idea of a Royal Feast


- Post-Fortune Night, reacting to a plate of Sushi

"Me too!"

- Post-Fortune Night, eating Sushi with her friends

"You took it first!"

- Post-Fortune Night, talking to Zao with her mouth full

"Sorry . . . "

- Post-Fortune Night, apologizing Zao with her mouth full

"Well, that worked out well . . . "

- Post-Fortune Night, being sarcastic about Zao's plans for the Kingdom Stone

"We get to ride in THAT? Ohmygush yes."

- Pre-Sky Battalion, seeing Zao's Airship for the first time

*gasps* "We should go on a space adventure someday! Don't you think that'd be SO cool??"

- Pre-Sky Battalion, coming up with an idea of going on a space adventure

"Okie dokie."

- Pre-Sky Battalion, before going to check on Milla

"How's it goin'?"

- Pre-Sky Battalion, checking on Milla at the back of Zao's Airship

"Oh . . . what kind of wish?"

- Pre-Sky Battalion, curiously asking about Milla's Wish

"Sounds like a good thing to wish for."

- Pre-Sky Battalion, after Milla tells her she wished to see her parents again

"We're gonna be heading inside soon. You wanna come?"

- Pre-Sky Battalion, before going below deck to get some sleep

"What's going on?!"

- Pre-Sky Battalion, being woken up by enemy fire

"Yeah. we used to be part of a steer gang called the Red Scarves. We used to make crazy money from martial arts tournaments."

- Post-Sky Battalion, telling Torque how she and Lilac met

"Yep. He was cool at first, but, uh . . . things got weird."

- Post-Sky Battalion, telling Torque about Spade

"Well, there's . . . there's lines we don't cross. And he crossed 'em. '

- Post-Sky Battalion, telling Torque why she and Lilac left the Red Scarves

"I guess so. He never talked about it."

- Post-Sky Battalion, after Torque asks if Spade was royalty like Dail

"Hey, look Lilac! it's our identical twin sisters!"

- Pre-Jade Creek, after Neera presents a "WANTED" poster of her and Lilac to the Magister

"We were just -"

- Pre-Jade Creek, attempting to explain their affiliations with the Red Scarves

"That stupid panda girl!"

- Pre-Jade Creek, angry at Neera for getting her detained

"You got any bright ideas, Ms. Heropants?"

- Pre-Jade Creek, asking Lilac for an escape plan

"What if we bribed the guards?"

- Pre-Jade Creek, her first idea of escaping

"Ooh, ooh! I'll pretend I have to pee really bad, and when the guards open the gate we'll make a break for it!"

- Pre-Jade Creek, her second idea of escaping

"Ah, right . . . "

- Pre-Jade Creek, after Lilac reminds her of Torque

"Hmm . . . Oh, I got it now! First we'll both switch clothes, then I'll switch with Milla, and then when they - "

- Pre-Jade Creek, her third idea of escaping

"Well that makes it easy. Let's go!"

- Pre-Jade Creek, after Milla find a way out of the cell

"Well there goes that plan . . . "

- Pre-Jade Creek, after Neera thwarts Milla's escape attempt


- Pre-Jade Creek, after hearing Lilac that she wants to confess

"Maybe we're not cut out for this . . . we should go home."

- Post-Jade Creek, wanting to give up on their adventure

"What are we supposed to do? I like Torque, but . . . This is so much bigger than us. We're just kids."

- Post-Jade Creek, believing this adventure is too much for them

"Doesn't mean anything?! Look at what they did to me! To us! Sometimes I think your trying to get us killed!"

- Post-Jade Creek, beginning to argue with Lilac

"Yeah, and I always have to bail you out!"

- Post-Jade Creek, tired of bailing Lilac out of trouble

"But I don't wanna do the right thing! I just wanna spend time with my best friend!

- Post-Jade Creek, preferring friendship over doing what's right

"If the only I can do that is by risking my life . . . maybe we shouldn't be friends anymore."

- Post-Jade Creek, choosing to end her friendship with Lilac

"DON'T . . . Just don't. I'm done."

- Post-Jade Creek, right before she abandons Lilac

"She actually went through with it? Big surprise."

- Pre-Trap Hideout, learning from Milla that Lilac has gone off alone

Carol Voice Clip 24 01
"Eh, I'll get over it I guess. But we're gonna do things my way now!"

- Pre-Trap Hideout, resolving to go after Lilac

Carol Voice Clip 24 02
"The Red Scarves are down here. They've still got all my ninja stuff."

- Pre-Trap Hideout, entering the sewers with Milla

Carol Voice Clip 25 01
"Eh, not really. I mean, it's a long story, so, I'll tell you someday if you're good."

- Pre-Trap Hideout, after Milla asks if she's a ninja

"C'mon, let's show Ms. Heropants how it's done."

- Pre-Trap Hideout, about to break in the Red Scarves Hideout

Carol Voice Clip 25 03
"Cram it, Spade!"

- Post-Trap Hideout, after Spade mocks her asking him for help

"The guy who kidnapped them is the one who killed your father."

- Post-Trap Hideout, telling Spade they're going after his Father's Killer (Lord Brevon)

"Face it, buster, we're the only lead you got."

- Post-Trap Hideout, convincing Spade to help her rescue Lilac & Torque


- Post-Thermal Base, upon seeing Lilac in pain

"I'm sorry I ran off without you! I'll never do it again!"

- Post-Thermal Base, tearfully apologizing to Lilac for abandoning her

"He's lying."

- Post-Thermal Base, seeing through Brevon's sarcasm


- Post-Thermal Base, getting separated from Lilac in their escape from Brevon

"Well, what's with the army?"

- Post-Thermal Base, wondering about the Shang Tu army

"Not if we can reach him. All he needs is a little persuasion, if you what i'm talkin' about."

- Post-Thermal Base, telling Gong they can reach Zao

"For sure! It's what we're all about."

- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, being told by Gong to be quick


- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, seeing Lilac has returned

"Where've you been? How did you do that??"

- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, curious about the (Holo)dragon

"Awww yeah! That's ma girl!"

- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, amazed by Lilac

"Remember all the times we distracted -you-?"

- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, reminding Gong of how he's been distracted

"Ready to rock!"

- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, ready to battle Brevon's Army

"But they'll have a harder time catching us if we stick together."

- Pre-Final Dreadnought, after Torque to board the Dreadnought alone

"You're stuck with us buddy, whether you like it or not."
- Pre-Final Dreadnought, determined to see the mission through
Carol Voice Clip 35 02
"Yeah whatever. Let's go! We're wasting time!"

- Pre-Final Dreadnought, agreeing to board the Dreadnought

Carol Voice Clip 35 03

- Post-Final Dreadnought 3, after defeating Mutant Milla

"No . . . you gotta be kidding me."

- Post-Final Dreadnought 3, fearing Milla is dead

"That's it!!"

- Post-Final Dreadnought 3, becoming enraged and goes after Brevon

"What you did was unforgivable!"

- Confronting Brevon in Final Dreadnought 4

"NO! You're DEAD!"

- Standing up to Brevon in Dreadnought 4


- Taunting Brevon in Final Dreadnought 4

"I'll be taking that Kingdom Stone now!"

- Before Brevon breaks out of his damaged Power Suit

Carol Voice Clip 40 04
"She's alive!"

- During the Epilogue, announcing that Milla is alive

"No, i'm dead. Blegh."

- During the Epilogue (Milla's Story), playing dead after waking from her coma

"Did we win?"

- During the Epilogue (Milla's Story), asking Lilac if they've beaten Brevon


- During the Epilogue (Milla's Story), after being told that Brevon is defeated

"Uhh, Lilac . . . You might wanna look up."

- During the Epilogue, witnessing the Kingdom Stone's transformation

"Het, we're buds! That's what buddies do."

- During the Epilogue, after Torque thanks them for helping him stop Brevon

"Me too . . . "

- During the Epilogue, agreeing with Milla that she'll miss Torque

"Bye Torque!"

- During the Epilogue, saying goodbye to Torque

"Hey you, thanks for playing! You're the coolest!"

- During the End Credits, congratulating the Player for completing Freedom Planet


The following Quotes were said by Carol, but went unused.

Dialogue Voice Clip
"Try and catch me this time!"

- Pre-Dragon Valley, having a race with Lilac

Carol Voice Clip 01 01
"I can't wait. This is gonna be the best Charge-up ever!"

- Pre-Dragon Valley, talking to Lilac before the crash

Carol Voice Clip 01 02
"Aw crap! Hold on Lilac, your buddy's comin' to save you!"

- Pre-Dragon Valley, changing her mind to follow Lilac to the crash site

Carol Voice Clip 02 01
"Is that some sort of duck, um . . . turtle thingy?"

- Post-Dragon Valley, asking Torque what a Shell-Duck is

Carol Voice Clip 02 06
"I...think about my big sister sometimes. Hmm, I don't know though. It's not like I can go back there anytime soon."

- Post-Relic Maze, Mentioning her Big Sister and saying she can't return home.

Carol Voice Clip 07 07
"Uh . . . heheh. Didn't anyone tell you? There's a third choice. It's called nope."
Carol Voice Clip 12 00
"Uh, hellooo? Red Scarve here."

- Possibly within Trap Hideout.

Carol Voice Clip 26 01


- Before fighting Dail and the Shade Beast in Battle Glacier

Carol Voice Clip 33 01
"You know, for once I'm actually glad to see you show up."

- Post-Battle Glacier, after Spade attacks his brother, Dail

Carol Voice Clip 34 01
"So did you and Torque . . . "

- Asking about something personal between Lilac & Torque

Carol Voice Clip 33 03
"Go . . . get the stone back. For me!"

- Getting separated from Lilac in Final Dreadnought 2

Carol Voice Clip 36 01
"Hey . . . Who's a grumpy little Lilac? Who's a gwumpy little Wiwac?"
Carol Voice Clip 43 04


Dialogue Voice Clip
- Carol Chewing
Carol Voice Clip chew
- Grunting Sounds
Carol Voice Clip 07 09

Freedom Planet 2


Dialogue Voice Clip

- Using her Jump Disc Warp


- When taking damage


Dialogue Voice Clip
"What's the hold up?"

Stage Clear

Dialogue Voice Clip
"Aww Yeah!"
"You're no match for this Kung Fu Kitty!"


Dialogue Voice Clip
"It's not over yet!"
"Ready for Round 2!"
"You're gonna pay for that!"
She'll hum Richard Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries"


Dialogue Voice Clip
"Oh ho ho, I've been waiting a long time for this!"

- Carol Gameplay Preview Trailer

"Nice to see you too."

- To Milla at her Lab, Adventure Mode 2019 Trailer


- When told a Dark secret, Adventue Mode 2019 Tailer

" "We " return? Don't tell me . . . "

- To Neera, GalaxyTrail Mix 2019

"Argh! I said don't tell me!"

- To Neera, GalaxyTrail Mix 2019


  • Some unused Voice Clips did exist at one point within Earlier Versions of the Story, but were likely removed due to various reasons (mostly involving Gameplay and changes to the Story).


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