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Freedom Planet 2

Ohohoho I've been waiting a LONG time for this!
- Carol, ready to fight in the Hero Battle Royale

In Freedom Planet 2, Carol Tea can be fought as a Boss in the following Stages:

Gong's Training Hall

In Gong's Training Hall, Carol is one of the Player's Sparring Partners, along with Lilac, Milla, Neera, Gong & Askal. If playing as Carol herself, they will have the option to select the Pangu Hologram, which allows them to fight a holographic projection of Carol herself, nicknamed Holo-Carol.

The Battlesphere

In the Battlesphere, Carol is one of the Bosses in the Hero Battle Royale, where the Player has to fight and defeat the other Playable Characters in order to challenge Captain Kalaw.


Carol is a quick and agile fighter who uses her claws, Jump Disc and even her own surroundings to her advantage in battle. Pangu's Holographic Projection of Carol, Holo-Carol, Mimics the exact same moves and fighting style as Carol herself.


Attack Details
Claw Combo

Carol can throw a quick combination of Claw Attacks.

Wild Claw

After Pouncing or Rolling, Carol can unleash a more powerful Claw Attack.

Carol attackdown 0.gif
Jump Kick

While in midair, Carol throws out a Jump Kick at close range.

Jump Disc

Carol can throw a bladed Disc at long range opponents.

Jump Disc Warp

After throwing her Jump Disc, Carol can Warp Jump to it, enabling her to score additional damage to her opponents.


Like real Cats, Carol can pounce in mid-air or while crouching.


Carol can roll into opponents and damage them.