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Lord Brevon's Power Suit is the second phase Boss of Final Dreadnought (Round 4), after the Absolution and before Lord Brevon, the Final Boss of Lilac & Carol's Stories. It is the Final Boss of Milla's Story, with no final battle with Brevon afterwards.

The Health of Brevon's Power Suit is measured by an orange column located to the right of the column with the Kingdom Stone. It has more health than the Absolution. Once defeated, the Power Suit will spawn Health Petals before the third phase of the Boss Fight begins (this doesn't happen in Milla's Story).


  • Laser Blasts: The Power Suit will hover in the air and shoots five heated lasers on player's position. The floor where the shots will hit will burn for a few seconds, but will not affect the walls or ceiling. The lasers can even be deflected by Milla's Shield and Phantom Cubes.
  • Turbo Boost: The Power Suit will spin attack around the room quickly, ricocheting off the floor, walls and ceiling. When it's finished, it will do a Fire Dash.
  • Fire Dash: The Power Suit will dash in the player's direction, leaving behind a burning trail of fire across the floor.
  • Aura Blast: The Power Suit will charge up and release hundreds of projectiles outward from it's position. The safe spots to avoid taking damage is to get to a safe distance or go to the center of the green sphere the Power Suit creates while it charges up. The bullets released from this attack can also be deflected by Milla's Shield.
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