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The Bonus Stage is an extra stage in Freedom Planet, and can only played in Adventure & Classic Modes if the player finds a hidden Tao Stone in any stage, except Final Dreadnought 3 & 4.


The Bonus Stage takes place in a den-like chamber with walls made of bricks and rainbow-colored crystals. Once entered, the player can hit the dice in the middle of the chamber to roll it and win bonus Shield Crystals and/or Extra Lives. The number of rolls the player depends on the number of Keystones they've collected, which is displayed above the dice. To get more than one roll, the player must collect more than 30 Keystones. For example, if the player has 31 Keystones, they can roll 2 times. The player can also hit the dice on the ground again if you want to quickly change the prize before it stops spinning. When all rolls are used, the player can exit the stage by heading through a pathway to the right side of the screen, proceeding to the next stage.

Dice & Prizes

Possible Prizes

Icon Prize Image Prize Name
Bonus Minigame Block (default).png
N/A Default Icon
Bonus Minigame Block (Earth).png
Earth Shield.png
Earth Crystal
Bonus Minigame Block (Fire).png
Fire Shield.png
Fire Crystal
Bonus Minigame Block (Metal).png
Metal Shield.png
Metal Crystal
Bonus Minigame Block (Water).png
Water Shield.png
Water Crystal
Bonus Minigame Block (Wood).png
Wood Shield.png
Wood Crystal
Bonus Minigame Block (1-up).png
Bonus Minigame Block (2-up).png
Bonus Minigame Block (3-up).png
Life (Lilac).png
Life (Carol).png
Life (Milla).png
1-3 Extra Lives


Icon Prize Image Prize Name
Bonus Minigame Block (unused).png
Crystal Shard.png
Crystal Cluster.png
Crystal Shards


  • The Schmup Stage Theme will play in the Bonus Stage during Battle Glacier and Final Dreadnought Rounds 1 & 2.
  • If the Player wins a Fire Shield, they can use it can be used to damage the Dice. If the Crystal is placed nearby the wall, the Dice can be Stunlocked there. Oddly, the Dice will jump off from the place if the Player moves.