The Bone Golem is one of the Mini-Bosses found in Relic Maze, the other being the Eye Golem.


The Bone Golem is a bird-like skeleton with four-eyes with a ruby as it's source of power. It starts out as a pile of bones, but when the Player gets close enough, it's ruby will react, and pulls together all of the bones.


The Bone Golem can be found and fought in an old and abandoned library. It's attack pattern will consist of walking around the room and pecking the ground, causing damaging shock waves, making the attack somewhat hard to dodge.

The Player can stand on the Bone Golem's back, causing it to peck itself for major damage. If playing as Lilac, dodging the attack twice while the it hits itself will cause her to say: "Hit me if you can!" Making the Bone Golem destroy itself will earn the Player the All Bone, No Brains Achievement.

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