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The Bone Golem is one of the Mini-Bosses found of Relic Maze in Freedom Planet, the other being the Eye Golem. It is also one of the Guardian Sentinels of the Ancient Temple.


The Bone Golem is a bird-like skeleton with four-eyes and is powered by a ruby. It starts out as a pile of bones, but when the Player gets close enough, the ruby will react, and pulls together all of the bones and bring it to life.


The Bone Golem can be found and fought in an old, abandoned library within the Ancient Temple. It's attack pattern will consist of walking around the room and pecking the ground hard. The Player can defeat the Bone Golem by attacking its ruby or by standing on the its back, causing it to peck itself for major damage. After the Bone Golem is defeated, the barrier it was protecting will transform into Crystal Shards, allowing the Player to press one of the switches needed to open up the pathway to the Kingdom Stone Shrine.


  • Peck Attack: The Bone Golem's only attack; it pecks the ground so hard, it creates a shockwave that's hard to dodge at close range. This attack can also damage the Bone Golem itself.


Badge Details
All Bone, No Brains

The Player can earn this Badge by tricking the Bone Golem into using its Peck Attack and destroying itself. If playing as Lilac and dodging its attack twice in a row, she'll say following line: "Hit me if you can!"