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Bombs are recurring Items in the Freedom Planet Series. They are explosives that "speak for themselves" when a Character or Enemy comes into contact with one.


Bombs are round explosive devices with a fuse on top and an "!" mark in the center of a black screen. In Freedom Planet, Bombs are colored a metallic gray with a red "!" mark. In Freedom Planet 2, they're colored in a metallic brown with the "!" mark being white.

Freedom Planet

By touching a Bomb, the timer will be triggered and the exclamation mark will flash and the Bomb will explode, damaging anything or anyone in range. Attacking a Bomb will cause it to instantly explode. Other Bombs in range will automatically trigger, causing a chain explosion. A Crystal Shard will appear when a Bomb explodes, but not if an enemy blows it up first. They can even be picked up and thrown by Milla, exploding on impact (Warning: the timer will be triggered once it's picked up). Bombs can blow holes to certain floors and walls, which would be impossible to break as Carol, but is possible with Lilac's Dragon Boost and Dragon Cyclone, or with Milla's Phantom Cubes and Super Shield Burst.

Freedom Planet 2

Bombs retain their original role in the Sequel, but this time, Milla can't pick them up and throw them at enemies. Also, their is an Item called "Items to Bombs", which can turn all Item Containers in a Stage into Bombs and provides a Crystal Shard Bonus by 50%.


  • In Version 1.12 of Freedom Planet, Bombs had a much different sound effect before exploding.