The Bladeworm Master in a Boss enemy in Freedom Planet.


The Bladeworm Master appears to be some kind of mechanical creature built by Brevon in an attempt to destroy or slow down the Chasers pursuing him. It is round-like with a yellow and purple body color scheme and contains a single orange-red eye (possibly a sensor array) with a shield door or covering protecting it. It also contains two circular hole sockets to which its arms are extended and released. It is likely responsible for releasing the Bladeworm enemies the player encounters throughout the stage. This machine was likely built for space travel if not for anything else, as is can easily move and survive throughout the vast, emptiness of space.


The Bladeworm Master appears in the scrapped stage Warp Sector. Once the Distance meter has been reached, a warning is given, then the mid-Boss appears in the Background and soon appears in front of Torque to strike. The Creature flails its arms about in an attempt to attack the player whilst also firing blue star-shaped projectiles from its arms. Its sensor array appears to be its weak point, and can only be vulnerable once the Blast shield is down or removed. To remove the shield, Torque would need to shoot and destroy both arms first. At this point, the Bladeworm Master will fire blue energy-shaped projectiles from its open sockets as a last ditch effort to stop our Hero.

Once destroyed, Torque continues to catch up with the fleeing Dreadnought.


  • The Bladeworm Master bears a huge resemblance to Ultimate Gemerl from the Sonic franchise, and the latter is likely the inspiration for the former. The boss fight plays in a similar fashion as well.
    • Whether any of these factors contributed to the stage being scrapped in unclear.



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