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- Bird Guard, after two or more characters finish talking

The unnamed Bird Guard, or Bird Officer, is a recurring character in the Freedom Planet Series, never speaking and only quacking throughout the Game. He serves the Royal Magister as a Guard of the Royal Palace, a Soldier of Shang Tu and an officer of the STPD. He is commonly seen with General Gong in certain cutscenes[1][2], as he is likely Gong's second-in-command.

During Jade Creek, the Bird Guard can be seen driving the police hovercraft with Neera Li, who is occasionally on top of it. If the Player is frozen by Neera's Frost Arts or by any of the hovercraft's ice-based weapons, they will be carried off by said vehicle. Otherwise, he'll accidentally hit Neera with an ice missile after the Player gets past the submarine in the second half of the stage.


The Bird Guard is an Avian (possibly a Falcon) with blue feathers, a yellow beak and magenta eyes. His attire consist of black and gray Royal Guard Armor with a yellow chest piece and a black helmet.


The Bird Guard simply stands around and does not speak his mind, and he only quacks at the end of certain conversations.


Freedom Planet

The Bird Guard is seen in almost every cutscene that includes General Gong, and quacks after everyone else finished what they're saying. He first appears in the Shang Tu Royal Palace, after Neera starts an investigation on Lilac & Carol following the theft of the Kingdom Stone.[1]The next day, Gong brings him along when the Magister sends him to ask Team Lilac to travel to Shang Mu to negotiate with Mayor Zao for the Kingdom Stone.[2] After this, the Bird Guard returns to the Royal Palace to resume his guard duty until Team Lilac breaks out of the dungeon following their detainment.[3] Neera and the Bird Guard operate a hovercraft in pursuit of the Girls, with the Bird Guard firing ice projectiles as support until he accidentally freezes Neera with an ice missile and carries her off. Later on, the Magister learns of Zao's declaration of war on Shuigang in an effort to reclaim the Kingdom Stone. So he sends Gong, the Bird Guard and the army of Shang Tu to hold off the Shang Mu army.[4] As they pass through the outskirts of Jade Creek, they find Carol, Milla & Torque, who tag along with them, saying they can persuade Zao to stop his attack.[5] For one of the last times, Bird Guard pop his head up and quacks.

The last time the Bird Guard is seen is when he is standing on a rock after the Holodragon forces both Zao and General Gong to unite against Lord Brevon (he is seen for a split second, so pausing the cutscene at the right moment will catch a good glimspe of him).[4] After that, the Bird Guard appears in the credits for one last quack.[6] The Bird Guard also appears in the Gallery, whenever his voice clip is selected, appearing onscreen for a brief moment and quacks.


The Bird Guard is shown to carry a rifle with a crystal-like dagger attached to it, likely showing that he's skilled in firearms. He is also shown to be a capable driver, and can pilot such vehicles as the Hovercraft seen in Jade Creek.



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