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This section contains information about content that is currently in development.
"Are you a bad enough dude to survive... the Battlesphere?"
- Igor, in a Battlesphere TV ad

The Battlesphere is the 7th Stage in Freedom Planet 2. Located in Downtown Shang Mu, and hosted by Igor, the "Hunk Behind The Mic", this arena is where Fighters, Athletes, Racers and Heroes from all over Avalice come to put their skills to the test in a variety of challenges on live TV and in front of thousands of spectators. The current reigning champion of the Battlesphere is Captain Kalaw.

Arena Challenges

Arena Challenges are Mini-Games that can be played at the Battlesphere, enabling the player to earn extra Crystal Shards. In order to unlock these Challenges, the player must collect Star Cards and trade them at the Battlesphere. Certain challenges may require a number of Star Cards to be unlocked. The player can also equip Power-Ups before taking on one of these Challenges.


There are 4 types of Arena Challenges:

  • Arena Battle: Fight your way through obstacle courses and battle waves of enemy robots!
  • Boss Battle: Fight one-on-one battles with bosses you've encountered before!
  • Home Run: Destroy as many crates as you can before touching the ground!
  • Race: Compete in 3-lap races around a looping track!

Battlesphere Lobby

The Battlesphere's Lobby, which also serve as a HUB Area in the Game's Adventure Mode, is home to a variety of Shops and NPCs that the Player can interact with.

Lobby Shops

Here are the confirmed Lobby Shops so far:

  • Kiki's Salon: A Hair Salon where customers can receive stylish haircuts.
  • Silver Lotus Express: A Chain Restaurant popular with nocturnals such as Bats due to it's soft lighting and nighttime discounts.



  • The Battlesphere's role appears to be a continuation of the scrapped Shang Tu Dojo from the previous installment.
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