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The Bakunawa, is an ancient superweapon that belongs to Merga, who plans to ressurrect and use against the Three Kingdoms of Avalice, not only in an act of vengeance against the Avalicians, but as part of her plan to "Purify the World". The Bakunawa appears to have mysterious connection to the island chain of Parusa.

The Bakunawa will also be the Final Stage in Freedom Planet 2, Possibly to be called "Bakunawa Finale", and like Final Dreadnought, will be divided into a Round Stage Set; except there will be 3 Rounds instead of 4.


The Bakunawa is a superweapon that ressembles a snake-like Dragon, with a size and length that may surpass even Lord Brevon's Dreadnought.


  • The Bakunawa is named after a Philippine Mythical Sea Dragon of the same name, and is also known as the "Mooneater". This is one of many references to the Phillipine Culture in Freedom Planet 2.
  • The name Bakunawa is believed to originally be a compound word, meaning "Bent Snake".


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