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StageIcon Museum.png Overview Transcript
There's been an attack on the museum! The culprits stole Pangu!
- Gong, briefing Lilac on her Mission to the Avian Museum

Avian Museum is the 3rd stage in Freedom Planet 2, being part 2 of the Museum Arc. Located in Shang Tu, the museum[1] is likely about all forms of bird life, as well as prehistoric life. It also became the residence of Pangu following the events of Freedom Planet, until being stolen by Corazon Tea.

Story Overview

General Gong sends an alert that Pangu has been stolen by an unidentified thief during an attack at the Avian Museum. Team Lilac is sent to catch the culprit and save Pangu before it's too late.

Stage Layout

Closing in to the exit features a third area, filled with more digital looking designs and details. The background is filled with a moving cyberspace and the stage is littered with many disappearing blocks (these blocks act highly similar to the disappearing blocks from the first Freedom Planet, albeit larger and more 'creature-like' with a shade of orange. One key difference is that while vanished, should one of our heroes be positioned in the center of where a block would appear in, when the block appears they will become temporarily encased inside said block until it vanishes once more, freeing the heroine). Past this maze of technology is the boss for this stage, a familiar mechanical being seen from before...


Minor Enemies

Blast Cone


Spy Turretus


Drake Cocoon





  • Avian Museum is the 1st stage of Freedom Planet 2 to have been developed and is used as the test stage while the game's engine is being built.[1]