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There's been an attack on the museum! The culprits stole Pangu!
- Gong, briefing Lilac on her mission at the Avian Museum.

Avian Museum is the 3rd Stage in Freedom Planet 2. Located in Shang Tu, the museum[1] is likely about all forms of birds, as well as prehistoric life. It is here that Pangu is hijacked and captured by Aaa, and Team Lilac must prevent the theft.


  • Bone Floors


  • Blast Cone
  • Coccoon
  • Flamingo
  • Hellpo
  • Macer
  • Spy Turretus


  • Avian Museum is the first stage of Freedom Planet 2 to have been developed and is used as the test stage while the game's engine is being built.[1]



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