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Avalicians are the inhabitants of Planet Avalice, which is home to a many variety of species both Anthropomorphic and Non-Anthropomorphic.

Anthropomorphic Animals

Anthropomorphic Animals are the most dominant species on Avalice, consisting of many different humanoid animal species.


The Dragons are one of the most advanced, but also the currently rarest race to exist on Avalice. They're more often taller than the average Avalician and possess high physical power, intelligence, and various different animal traits.

The Dragons haven't always lived on Avalice. After being stranded when their starship crash landed on the Planet, they spent countless years trying to find a way back to their homeworld, but to no avail. With no way for them to return home, the Dragons decided to use their technology to help the Avalicians survive and prosper, also condensing their energy reserves into a physical relic of extraordinary power which would be later called the Kingdom Stone. Most of the present day Avalicians know of these events as a large Dragon soaring across the sky in a ball of fire, and the ancestors building the Three Kingdoms of Shang Tu, Shang Mu & Shuigang in it's honor, with said creature transforming into the Kingdom Stone later on.

Later it's revealed that the Dragons respected the wishes of the Avalicians and let their influence pass into this legend. Knowing of this, however, a Dragon Scientist programmed a Robotic AI with an important message for the descendants of Avalice, knowing that there will come a time in the future when the truth needs to be told. Until their near end, the Dragons continued to live on Avalice in a region now known as Pangu Lagoon, and mix bred with the native Avalicians. At the moment, only Water and Earth Dragons have been seen alive. However, Dragons of other elements may have existed, or may still exist.

The Ancient Dragons are based on Dragons from east-asian mythology, with the Dragons in movies and the statue in Shang Mu City Hall looking like the commonly depicted big snake-like Dragons with four legs. However, sometime before they stranded, they've have become anthropomorphic, much smaller but still taller than the average Avalician.

Living on Avalice and mix breeding, the Dragons obtained a few of the native's traits. The present mixed breeds look even more distinct from that, not having many of the visual traits the full blooded Dragons had, only and most notably, sharing the horns and claws. Aside from that, they also have the posibility of having genetic defects at birth. For example, Lilac's fish fin ears are undeveloped, leaving her mostly deaf and in need of hearing aids, and unable to breath underwater.

Image Name Species
Askal Dragon (Earth Dragon, Half-Breed)
Cordelia Dragon (Earth Dragon)
Dragon Scientist Dragon (Earth Dragon)
Magister Dragon (Earth Dragon)
Merga Dragon (Water Dragon, Bio-Engineered)
Sash Lilac Dragon (Water Dragon, Half-Breed)

Felines (Cats)

There exist various species of Felines, including Wildcats, Tigers and Cheetahs. Like real Felines, they can climb, scratch and obviously have feline instincts and possibly a sense of curiosity, as well as the tendency of sleeping for most of the day.

Picture Name Species
Balthazar Cat
Carol Tea Cat (Wildcat)
Corazon Tea Cat (Wildcat)
Erin Cat (Lynx)
Kiki Cat
Lindsay Cat (Cheetah)

Picture Species
Unknown NPC3.png
Unnamed Tiger
Unknown NPC5.png
Unnamed Wildcat
Unknown NPC6.png
Unnamed Cheetah
Unknown NPC12.png
Unnamed Cat
Unknown NPC15.png
Unnamed Wildcat

Canines (Dogs/Foxes)

There exist various species of Canines, including Foxes, Hush Bassets and Street Dogs. Like real Canines, they have excellent senses of smell and hearing and some have a playful and guardianship instincts. They are also skilled Soldiers.

Picture Name Species
Alicia Fox
Askal Dog (Aspin, Half-Breed)
Jade Fox
Judy Dog (Basset Hound?)
Kiara Dog (Pug)
Milla Basset Dog (Hush Basset)
Root Beer.png
Root Beer Dog (Corgi)
Shang Tu Sleeping Guard.png
Sleeping Guard Fox
Tunder Liling.gif
Tunder Liling Fox
Verse Idle.gif
Verse Fox
Wallace Fox

Avians (Birds)

There exist various species of Avians, like ducks and hornbills. Like real Avians, some of them seem to have wings, while others are closer to flightless Avians.

Picture Name Species
Bird Guard Bird (Falcon)
Duck Guard.png
Duck Guard Bird (Green Mallard)
Igor Bird (Owl)
Juniper Bird (Crane)
Kalaw Bird (Rufous Hornbill)

Ursids (Bears)

There exists various species of Ursids, including Panda Bears, Grizzly Bears, Black Bears, and possibly Polar Bears. Like real Ursids, they could be really strong and may be able to climb trees and have a love for fishes and honey.

Out of all, the Pandas seem to have some good leadership qualities, as the Royal Family of Shuigang consist of them. Some of them are also skilled soldiers or even thieves and assassins.

Picture Name Species
Biggs Bear (Black Bear)
Dail Panda
Doug Bear (Grizzly)
Gong Idle.gif
Gong Panda
Guang Panda
Jeffery Panda
King of Shuigang Sprite.PNG
King of Shuigang Panda
Neera Li Panda
Plano Bear (Black Bear)
Rebecca Panda
Spade Panda
Tuvluv Panda

Picture Species
Unknown NPC2.png
Unnamed Grizzly Bear
Unknown NPC4.png
Unnamed Black Bear
Unknown NPC9.png
Unnamed Panda

Ailuridaes (Red Pandas)

There exist various species of Ailuridaes, including Red Pandas. Like Pandas, they also seem to have good experience with leadership, with the leader of Shang Mu in fact being a Red Panda.

Picture Name Species
Bo Red Panda
Kevin Red Panda
Ming Red Panda
Naomi Red Panda
West Red Panda
Ying Red Panda
Zao Red Panda

Picture Species
Unknown NPC11.png
Unnamed Red Panda

Simians (Monkeys)

There exists various species of Simians, including Phillipine Tarsiers. Possibly like real Simians, they are skilled with climbing trees and acrobatics. They could also have a love for bananas.

Picture Name Species
Aaa Idle.gif
Aaa Monkey (Tarsier)
Tiyuhin Maonkey (Lemur?)

Picture Species
Unknown NPC14.png
Unnamed Monkey

Chiropterans (Bats)

There exist various species of Chiropterans, including Fruit Bats. Like real Bats, they have wings for arms with each of there fingers extending with tissue that forms there wings. They can also use there feet to carry certain objects or to hang upside down with there wings wrapped around there body. Being nocturnal animals, the Anthropomorphic Chiropterans require a pair of sunglasses to see while out in the daylight, as they're eyes are not developed for sunlight' which will leave them blind and unable to see.

Picture Name Species
Ben Bat
Claire Bat
FP2 MariaNotte.png
Maria Notte Bat (Fruit Bat)

Rodents (Mice/Rats)

Picture Name Species
Julie Rat

Leporids (Rabbits)

Picture Name Species
Du Zhi.png
Du Zhi Rabbit
Leone Rabbit
Mei Rabbit
Yuni Rabbit

Erinaceids (Hedgehogs)

Picture Name Species
Amelia Hedgehog
Sunny Hedgehog

Bovids (Goats)

Picture Name Species
Blake Goat

Cervids (Deer)

Picture Name Species
Mun Deer
Unknown NPC.png
??? Deer

Picture Species
Unknown NPC13.png
Unnamed Deer

Suids (Boars)

Picture Species
Unknown NPC8.png
Unnamed Boar

Non-Anthropomorphic Animals

The Non-Anthropomorphic Animals on Avalice don't talk and are not as intelligent as their Anthropomorphic counterparts, have the same intelligence of the non-anthropomorphic ones on Earth.

Avians (Birds)

There are also Non-Anthropomorphic Avians living on Avalice. Like real Avians, they can get easily frightened and fly away when bigger animals come close to them and likely live in nests. The only known Non-Anthropomorphic Avians on Avalice are Pigeons and Crested Pigeons, which are common in the Commercial District of Shang Mu, and Emus, which seem to be two times bigger than normal Emus. The only known Emu on Avalice is the Bone Golem, located in the Relic Maze.