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Welcome to the Freedom Planet Wiki, a community-driven encyclopedia on all things freedomy and planety! We're dedicated to compiling information on the Freedom Planet series of video games, their heroine Lilac the Dragon Girl, her friends and enemies, and the world of Avalice and beyond.

We're currently maintaining 303 articles and 3,355 files, and we have 7 active users.

Warning: this site contains SPOILERS for Freedom Planet and Freedom Planet 2, so beware!

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Freedom Planet

The Planet of Avalice is in chaos and it's up to our heroes to settle things!

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Freedom Planet 2

War is imminent once again, but this time, the heroes are split between sides.

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Who are they? What are they about? Go find out!

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Learn about the landmarks and levels of Freedom Planet!

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Ready to Become a Chaser?
Excellent! We could use all the help we can get. If you want to help with building our wiki, all you have to do is find an article that's missing information, has inaccuracies, or could use some polish, and fix it up. Alternatively, if there are any pages that are missing, go ahead and create them! Don't worry about perfecting it, just a few sentences will suffice to start. After all, you're not alone! Your fellow freedom planeteers have got your back, and together we can shape each page on this wiki into something totally awesome!

There are lots of other things that you can do to contribute as well! You can also upload artwork, screenshots, audio, and videos to help us add some flare to our articles. You can sort pages into categories to help us keep track of them. So long as it's accurate and official, any information you can offer is more than welcome!

Feel free to get started whenever you like. You don't even need to make an account! However, if you do have a Wikia account, you can participate in discussion, decorate your profile, earn achievements for your contributions, and make your way up our leaderboards. Our wiki isn't just an encyclopedia — it's a community, and it's one that you're just a few clicks away from joining! So what are you waiting for? Grab your ice spears and hop on your motorcycles, it's time for FREEDOM PLANET!

Here are a few tutorials to help you get started:

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How to Contribute

Here are some things you could do to help out:

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