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Whatever. I'll just give them a one-way ticket home, courtesy of the Hundred-Hook Punch.
- Askal, helping Milla through a stage.

Askal is an Aspin/Dragon Hybrid from the Southern Islands. He has trained hard due to his ridiculed youth and aims to be the strongest warrior of Avalice. He is currently a Sergeant in Shang Tu's army.


Askal is a hybrid of an Earth Dragon and an Avalician Aspin (Street Dog). He has brown skin, purple eyes, light-brown horns, spiky black hair and a long tail with two black spikes at the tip. Askal's outfit is a silver and black, coat-like shirt, black jeans with purple and silver straps and and a pair of large, purple braces on his arms



Askal appears to be a very well trained fighter who pocesses the Earth Element. He also sports a pair of Brass Knuckles, which appears to be his signature weapons. Askal's punches are powerful on their own, but the braces on his arms greatly enhances the power of his attacks to even deadlier extremes.


Pre-Freedom Planet

In his past, Askal was often mocked for his mixed heritage, but took it as his personal challenge and began training for his dream to become "the strongest warrior of Avalice". In some point in time, he travels from the Southern Islands to Shang Tu. The Magister had been aware of Askal's existence, but remained skeptical until he volunteered to help defend the city from the increasing robot attacks. Since then, Askal trains together with General Gong and has already being promoted twice.

Freedom Planet 2




  • His name is directly lifted from askals, also called "Aspins", which are Philippine mongrel dogs, suiting for Askal's heritage.
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