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The following Page is a collection of Quotes said by Lord Brevon.

Freedom Planet


Dreadnought PA

Dialogue Voice Clip
"We have intruders on the ship! Mobilize!"
- In Final Dreadnought 1, alerted to Team Lilac's presence
*growling* " . . . GET THEM."

- In Final Dreadnought 1, rallying his troops to attack Team Lilac

"Open the airlocks!"

- In Final Dreadnought 1, order the airlocks to be opened

"Run while you still can, creature!"

- In Final Dreadnought 1, activating a laser to pursue Team Lilac

"You're forgetting something important about our troops . . . they don't . . . need . . . oxygen!"
- In Final Dreadnought 2, cutting off the ship's life support systems
"Ohh noo! My ship is being infiltrated! Whatever shall I do? How about this?"
- In Final Dreadnought 3, activating the security turrets
Laugh 1, when a characters loses a life aboard the Final Dreadnought
Laugh 2, when a characters loses a life aboard the Final Dreadnought
Laugh 3, when a characters loses a life aboard the Final Dreadnought.
Laugh 4, when a characters loses a life aboard the Final Dreadnought.

During Battle

Dialogue Voice Clip
Attack SFX 1
Attack SFX 2
Attack SFX 3
Attack SFX 4
"Take THIS!"

- In Final Dreadnought 4, upon equipping his Power Suit

- In Final Dreadnought 4, upon being defeated


Dialogue Voice clip
"My turn . . . "

- During the Prologue, before attacking the Soldiers of Shuigang

"Your floor isn't."

- During the Prologue, revealing to the King of Shuigang that he infiltrated the Palace through the floors

"There is no reason to be hostile, your majesty. In fact, you should be proud. Your son is moments away from inheriting the throne."
- During the Prologue, speaking to the wounded King of Shuigang
"How shall I explain this . . . I'm gifting your son with my knowledge."
- During the Prologue, explaining his intentions to the King of Shuigang
"It will make him the most powerful ruler your world has ever known . . . and he will answer to no one but me." '
- During the Prologue, just before beheading the King of Shuigang
"Prepare the snatcher."

- During the Prologue, grabbing Prince Dail by the throat


- Pre-Fortune Night, learning from Syntax that the Kingdom Stone has been relocated

"This could work to our advantage . . . get me the king's son."

- Pre-Fortune Night, seeing an advantage to his mission

"Where do your duties lie, Prince?"

- Pre-Fortune Night, counseling a brainwashed Prince Dail

"You would sacrifice your very life for the good of this kingdom, wouldn't you?"

- Pre-Fortune Night, asking if Dail would give his life for Shuigang

"And you would crush all those who threaten its safety?"

- Pre-Fortune Night, asking if Dail would crush his enemies


- Pre-Fortune Night, being told that Shuigang must be protected

"The one you call Zao has taken something very precious . . . something that could put your kingdom at risk."
- Pre-Fortune Night, telling Dail that Zao has taken the Kingdom Stone
"You're not going to let him keep it, are you?"

- Pre-Fortune Night, manipulating Dail into attacking Shang Mu

"Don't bore me with your lectures. I've heard them a thousand times from a thousand self-righteous warriors."

- Pre-Sky Battalion, confronted by a group of Rogue Warriors

"Unless you have something useful to say, the only thing that matters to me is how quickly I can cast you aside. I really have a lot of work to do."

- Pre-Sky Battalion, shortly before beheading the last Rogue Warrior

"Interesting theory."

- Pre-Sky Battalion, after beheading the last Rogue Warrior, who warns him that he will fail

"What is it?"

- Pre-Sky Battalion, after Syntax appears before him

"Don't relax just yet! Upload the scans and get back here immediately."

- Pre-Sky Battalion, ordering Serpentine to return immediately

"Contact the crash site and tell them to refit our warp drive. I want the artifact to fit like a glove."

- Pre-Sky Battalion, ordering Syntax to contact the troops at the Crash Site

"We're getting off this rock."

- Pre-Sky Battalion, determined to escape Avalice

"It has come to my attention that there are still Chasers among us. We must neutralize them."

- Pre-Jade Creek, learning there are still Chasers on Avalice

"As soon as they leave, I want them dragged to our remote base. Do whatever it takes to bring them under our control."

- Pre-Jade Creek, ordering the capture of Torque & Team Lilac

"Before you decided to throw your life away and interfere with our mission, you should have asked yourself one very important question . . . "
- Post-Thermal Base, after grabbing Lilac by the throat
"What makes you so special?"

- Post-Thermal Base, asking Lilac why she's special

"Why do you fight?"

- Post-Thermal Base, after Lilac regains consciousness

"I know you're awake. Answer the question. Why do you fight?"

- Post-Thermal Base, asking Lilac why she fights

*chuckles* "Keep them safe? Every move you've made has put them directly in harm's way."

- Post-Thermal Base, laughing at Lilac for trying to keep her friends safe

"Destroying our property, assisting our sworn enemies, attempting sabotage against our mission which, by the way, has nothing to do with your world."

- Post-Thermal Base, scorning Lilac for disrupting his mission

"We are leaving this barbaric planet behind as soon as our ship is repaired."

- Post-Thermal Base, intending on leaving Avalice once the Dreadnought is repaired

"An unfortunate side effect, yes . . . but I wouldn't have resorted to such drastic measures if you had the common sense to stay out of our affairs."

- Post-Thermal Base, after Lilac accuses him of sparking a Civil War between the Three Kingdoms and endangering the Avalicians

" Thanks to you, your companions are in more danger than ever."

- Post-Thermal Base, holding Lilac responsible for putting her friends in harm's way

"Allow me to show you the consequences of your stupidity."

- Post-Thermal Base, preparing to punish Lilac

"Answers, Commander. Give them to me."

- Post-Thermal Base, interrogating Torque by threatening Lilac

"Don't be a fool. You've seen how far I'll go to get the information I need."

- Post-Thermal Base, determined to make Torque talk

"Very well. Don't say I didn't warn you."

- Post-Thermal Base, before resorting to electrocuting Lilac

"That's nice to know, but I was more interested in your resolve. You crack easily, it seems."

- Post-Thermal Base, after electrocuting Lilac a second time

"And this one . . . I have a funny feeling about you. I'll bet I could hack at your limbs all day and you'd still find a way to bite back."

- Post-Thermal Base, impressed by Lilac's determination

"When we've lured the rest of your group into our hands, you'll be at the top of our execution list."

- Post-Thermal Base, intending on killing Lilac and her friends

"Let's see what they're made of."

- Post-Thermal Base, after Syntax announces that other Chasers (Carol, Milla & Spade) are approaching

"You know, it was so smart of your Coalition to attack my ship above an inhabited planet."

- Post Thermal Base, confronting Torque & Team Lilac

"Whatever happened to that Prime Directive of yours, hm?"

- Post-Thermal Base, reminding Torque of a "Prime Directive"

"it's my world on the line. You know exactly how far I'll go to ensure its safety."

- Post-Thermal Base, justifying his actions as protecting his homeworld

"My actions have hurt people? I had no idea. I'm dreadfully sorry."
- Post-Thermal Base, showing sarcasm to Torque & Team Lilac
"I have a lot of work to do, so let's make this quick. Kill them."

- Post-Thermal Base, ordering his troops to execute Torque & Team Lilac

"Don't let them escape! Find out who did this!"

- Post-Thermal Base, after Torque & Team Lilac escapes and the base begins to implode

"Give the order to your troops."

- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, ordering Dail to ready his troops for battle

"Find the Commander and his pets and tear them to shreds. And leave the brains intact if possible, I might use them for something."
- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, ordering Serpentine to hunt down Torque & Team Lilac
"Fire at will!"

- Pre-Schmup Stage/Battle Glacier, ordering his troops to attack


- Pre-Final Dreadnought, beginning the final preparations for the Dreadnought to liftoff

"I have no use for forgiveness, especially from someone who puts my homeworld at risk for an oversized battery."
- Being confronted by Lilac or Carol in Final Dreadnought 4
"I offer you one final chance. Leave. Now."

- Offering Lilac or Carol one last chance to leave in Final Dreadnought 4

"So, it's come down to this . . . "

- Being confronted by Milla in Final Dreadnought 4 (Milla's Story)

"Who? Oh, yes. Quite the fool for challenging me."
- After Milla asks him about Lilac in Final Dreadnought 4 (Milla's Story)
"You won't be seeing her again."

- Telling Milla that he killed Lilac in Final Dreadnought 4 (Milla's Story)

"I offer you one final chance. Leave! Now!"

- Offering Milla one last chance to leave in Final Dreadnought 4 (Milla's Story)

"So be it."

- After Lilac, Carol or Milla refuses to leave in Final Dreadnought 4

"I'd like to see you try."
- After breaking out his Power Suit to fight Lilac or Carol in Final Dreadnought 4
"Rrrgh! You've pestered me long enough!"

- After breaking out of his damaged Power Suit in Final Dreadnought 4 (Milla's Story)

"Say goodbye!"

- After grabbing Milla by the throat in Final Dreadnought 4 (Milla's Story)


These Quotes were said by Lord Brevon, but went unused in Freedom Planet.

Dialogue Voice Clip
Laughing in victory over the defeated Rogue Warriors.
"Regardless, they have learned how to exploit your tactics. You won't be pursuing them again without backup."
- Pre-Jade Creek, telling Serpentine not to engage Team Lilac alone again
"Where are they now?"

- Pre-Jade Creek, asking about Team Lilac's wherabouts

"Drop her..."

- Post-Thermal Base, ordering his troops to drop the captive Lilac

"You still have time to save her, if you leave now.''
"It seems that you have repressed some...interesting things about your friends."
"Why don't you find out?"
"Remove the device."

- In Final Dreadnought 3, holding Milla hostage

"I won't ask you again."

- In Final Dreadnought 3, threatening Milla's life

"Throw it to me."

- In Final Dreadnought 3, demanding Torque's hacking device

"Just like I said, right in harm's way."

- In Final Dreadnought 3, reminding Lilac of her endangering her friends

"Let her go? Hm . . . What do you think about that, little one?"

- In Final Dreadnought 3, wondering if he should let Milla go

*laughing* "I guess she doesn't like you very much now. Go on then, show your friends just how angry you are!"
- In Final Dreadnought 3, ordering Mutant Milla to attack her friends
"I may not have broken your spirit, but the landing will break every bone in your body!"
- After being defeated by Lilac
"Your precious Kingdom Stone is no more!"
- Shortly before escaping the Dreadnought
"What is out current heading?"

- Aboard the Absolution, after escaping the Dreadnought

"Refuel there and set a course for our nearest Command Outpost."
- Aboard the Absolution, setting course for his next destination
"I held the spoils of a thousand worlds on that Dreadnought. Every world we looted from will be searching for it, and their search will lead them directly to that savage rock."
- Aboard the Absolution, thinking about the treasures collected from his conquest
"Every terrible thing in the Galaxy will be heading their way, and if they somehow survive, well . . . let's just say that I will be back to claim what is mine . . . very . . . very soon." *chuckles*
- Aboard the Absolution, intending on returning to Avalice in the future
"And . . . you know that thought . . . *starts singing* it just makes me want to laugh like a brook when it trips and falls over stones on its way to sing through the night. Like a rock who is learning to prance. *stops singing* Come on Syntax, sing along."
- Aboard the Absolution, singing a song


Dialogue Voice Clip
Hit 1
- When Brevon defeats one of the heroes during the final battle with him.
"Is that the best you can do?"


The following lines are found within the files of Freedom Planet. These Voice clips are registered as Bloopers, though they could just be alternate takes of lines not removed. It is unclear if these clips can be activated in the same manner as other characters' Blooper lines hidden throughout the Story Mode cutscenes.

Dialogue Voice Clip
"My actions have hurt people? I had no idea. I'm dreadfully sorry."
Alternate take of Brevon's sarcasm line in Thermal Base. More emphasis on the sarcasm used here.
"So be it!"
Alternate take of Brevon's response after hero(es) refuse to leave. Louder take.


  • The used voice clip where Brevon offers "one final chance" to Milla in Milla's story mode is interestingly registered as a blooper line within the in-game files.